The 10 Most Important Social Crypto Projects

While most digital blockchain-based platforms and ledgers still have issues scaling as more users jump on board, it seems various blockchain-based social media start-ups are increasing both in usership and in number.

Social crypto coins are the currency that inspires people to take actions in resolving society’s most pressing issues. The goal of this decentralized social network is to make an equitable and thrustless balance of power across all stakeholders in the system, where all users can possess control over their data.

Here we show you the top 10 most important social crypto projects:

1. Steem (STEEM):



Steem is a platform and cryptocurrency that combine blockchain technology with a social network that rewards its users with tokens every time they interact with the community, both publishing content and evaluating them.

Steem consists of a database and a Blockchain where all the contents of Steemit are registered and stored. Being an open system, anyone can read the publications and check the money obtained by each of them.



FABRK aims to power next-generation social network where developers can bootstrap social apps by letting users own their data and bring their friends from app to app.

3. TomoChain (TOMO):


TomoChain (TOMO) is a crypto token of the Ethereum network that aims to become an innovative solution to the problem of blockchain scalability. TomoChain sets the goal of supporting horizontal scaling by adding more second layer blockchains with good performance integrated with Ethereum for backups and cross-chain atomic transfer. The TomoChain project is expected to be a network of chains that allows instant confirmation and virtually free transaction fees that will be a very good solution for decentralized applications, token emissions, and integrations for small and large companies.

4. Vitae (VITAE):


Vitae was established in 2018 by a team based in Switzerland. It is a PivX fork. It uses a network of Supernodes/Masternodes for decentralized governance and increased transaction privacy. Its motto is to grow global prosperity.

5. ReddCoin (RDD):


Reddcoin is a social currency, specifically designed to link with existing social media platforms. There it can be used as a system of tips, gifts and a monetary way to show appreciation for high-quality content.

Reddcoin was designed to be used on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and any other. It works as an extension of Google Chrome. In this way, it can be used almost anywhere and remains independent and decentralized.

6. Loom Network (LOOM):


Loom Network has been very promising with its entry into the gaming and social applications industry. Loom Network considers itself a next-generation blockchain-based platform specially designed for social applications and large-scale online games. The team describes the platform as their favourite game or social network, but on the blockchain and built-in Ethereum.

7. TTC (TTC):


TTC is a token incentivized and decentralized protocol for the next generation social networks. Launched on 01.03.2018 by a team based in Singapore. It is a mainnet project which is aiming to drive mass adoption of blockchain technology around the world.

8. Theta Fuel (TFUEL):


Theta Fuel is the second token of Theta Network, a decentralized video streaming service in development. Theta Fuel is a local token in the Theta blockchain and is currently listed on the Binance Exchange.

9. Streamit Coin (STREAM):


StreamIt is a service for all vloggers, streamers or video channel owners to offer regular rewards to their subscribers, based on subscription layer. Encourage your subscribers to watch your channel or even idle viewers who just visited the StreamIt by throwing coins regular intervals. Earned coins can be exchanged for other crypto or authorized for crypto exchanges.

10. LBRY Credits (LBC)


LBRY was born in 2015 and officially launched in 2017, it is a blockchain-based platform that offers users a worldwide library of multimedia content. At the same time, it offers the option of digital marketing of these same works. All controlled only by users. LBRY Credits plans to offer a worldwide library of multimedia content, from songs to video games, movies and books.

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