The future of healthcare: Top 10 crypto projects

With the world in turmoil because of the COVID-19 corona virus we have decided to take a closer look at healthcare projects within the crypto world.

The healthcare industry, a unique sector that is totally different from organizations within the financial, retail or any other vertical that crosses your mind.

Blockchain technology has broken into various areas of human life. It has been reached quite a new level of development. Healthcare exploration is one of the most dynamic of all industries. If you want more information about the healthcare cryptos, here we have shortlisted the best 10 cryptocurrencies from the healthcare industry.

1.Solve (SOLVE)


Solve token is a utility token of the platform. It is a decentralized healthcare platform which is built on the blockchain technology. Solve is designed especially for care administration, coordination, and payment of healthcare that helps to benefits around the world.

2.MEXC Token (MEXC)


MEXC Token is a token based on the Ethereum blockchain. MEXC Token is a utility token for the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) industry. MEXC Token produces its own wallet that allows you to store the MEXC token on your PC. The investors in this industry would use the MEXC Token indirectly to buy patented, patent-pending services and equipment to save lives.

3.Dentacoin (DCN)


Dentacoin is a platform based on a blockchain infrastructure-focused exclusively on the dental field, with a vision and ethics that revolve around patients.

Founded by Professor Dimitar Dimitrakiev, his goal is to improve dental care worldwide and make it affordable through the concept. Through the power granted by blockchain technology, Dentacoin seeks to provide preventive medicine (instead of palliative) to reduce costs and suffering to patients.

4.Stem Cell Coin (SCC)


Stem Cell Coin project combines blockchain and AI to address the healthcare industry. This project aims to set up a Virtual Clinic to enable early-stage and remote diagnosis for patients.



This coin is based on the Ethereum blockchain. Aencoin is the world’s first-ever HealthTech financial solutions platform which is supported by the Aenco Blockchain. AEN is designed for the healthcare technology sector to customize a wide array of impactful real-life applications. 

6.MediBlock (MED)


MediBloc (MED) is a cryptocurrency together with a decentralized application (dApp) based on the QTUM blockchain. The team hopes to provide a personalized medical data platform that transfers ownership of medical data from hospitals to individual patients. Thus, patients can easily manage their own health care records using the MediBloc platform. Token (MTC)


It was formerly known as Docamdemic but not it is rebranded with the name Token is a crypto token and operates on the Ethereum platform. It allows the interested investors to interchange valuable data between them in exchange for crypto which is used to get products or services. Thus, Token encourages the blockchain use and also motivates the common users.

8.MediShares (MDS)


MediShares is a cryptocurrency token and it is operating on the Ethereum platform. It is a global mutual insurance marketplace on the blockchain. It is decentralized and will be an open-source mutual aid marketplace.

This token will use the blockchain technology to make commercial centers for medical treatments without requiring the full amount of money to cover the cost.

9.Lympo (LYM)


Lympo (LYM) token is an incentivization and data collection platform which is powered by user-generated and user-controlled data. This token seeks to establish a global user-empowering ecosystem that enables and rewards fair and square exchange of user-generated health, wellness, and sports data.

10. AI Doctor (AIDOC)


AI Doctor (AIDOC) is running over the Ethereum network together with an artificial intelligence doctor who makes use of revolutionary blockchain technology to provide true information about people’s health and well-being of patients. AI DOC relies on intelligent artificial intelligence technology and health data to provide such knowledge. 

Due to the use of advanced imaging and blockchain technology by the platform, you can create a live 3D visualization that will show your health based on vital signs readings. So that later, patients can obtain a 24-hour health analysis of the day by digital medical experts who can not only anticipate problems but also prescribe solutions.

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