Top 10 reasons to buy Bitcoin in 2020:

The leading cryptocurrency has opened the door to a market that today is consolidated as one of the most profitable investments of recent decades. And although there are already more than 1900 cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin continues to consolidate its leadership. In this article, you will find the main 10 reasons to invest in Bitcoin before it is late.


1. Bitcoin leads the market:

Bitcoin continues to have a significantly larger market share than the rest of the cryptocurrencies.
Contrary to what was thought after the appearance of the altcoins, the Bitcoin managed to regain market dominance last year. 

2. Bitcoin price: unique opportunity:

Bitcoin has provided invaluable wealth to early investors. Its price has climbed unlikely with just
11 years in circulation. Despite being an extremely volatile investment instrument, we recommend seeing the “large picture”. Yes, the Bitcoin can go down and up very quickly, but in the long term, its revaluation is like no other.

Also, one of the main reasons to buy Bitcoin is its uptime. Since its inception, it records an uptime
of 99.985% which is great!

3. Low correlation with the stock market:

One of the main reasons to buy Bitcoin is that it has a low correlation with the stock market.
Cryptocurrency prime deal SFOX indicates that Bitcoin has developed a negative correlation with the S&P. It means that as the stock market bellwether index falls, the prices of the cryptocurrencies rise.

4. Bitcoin starts trading in large financial markets:

Another reason to invest in Bitcoin is its adoption in large financial markets. Bitcoin had already
explored the terrain of CFDs (contracts for difference) with great success. But it was not until the end of 2017 that Bitcoin managed to sneak into even bigger financial markets.

5. Institutional money begins to enter Bitcoin:

Did you know, Bitcoin added institutional money last year? And these large sums of money will come from Coinbase. Coinbase Custody, the new product of this Bitcoin exchange, will allow legal persons to invest in Bitcoin with advanced security elements and guarantees that would not be offered to natural persons.

6. Stable network, innovative technology, and controlled emission:

The growth of the Bitcoin network, with mining as the main incentive, has made this cryptocurrency one of the largest decentralized control networks on the planet. 

With so many people involved in the operation of this network, it is very difficult that there are problems to trade using BTC. Although there is still room for improvement, confirmation times are getting shorter and security is still guaranteed.

Unlike fiat currency, Bitcoin is distributed, created, stored, and traded with the use of a decentralized ledger system known as the blockchain.

Benefits of a decentralized ledger system:

– The government has no control over Bitcoin

– Your transactions are safer

– There are no fees imposed by banks

– You can easily do your business privately

– The value does not depend on your country’s politics

7. Analysts agree: Bitcoin will rise in 2020: 

Although there are different analyses and opinions regarding the behaviour of Bitcoin in 2020.
Many experts agree that this will be a year of Bitcoin. Despite the bearish season we recorded last year, the bullish rally may return by the end of the year or the beginning of 2021. 

8. A global trend:

As the Bitcoin market expands, more media cover news related to this topic. And it is not an opinion,
Google statistics indicate that the search interest of the term “Bitcoin” reached its maximum levels at the end of 2017 and also it is increasing gradually.

9. You can buy Altcoins with Bitcoins:

Do you know that most altcoins cannot be purchased with USD? You can easily buy altcoins using

Some exchanges let you buy Bitcoins with a credit card directly on the exchange. This is the easiest way to get started. It is good to have a Bitcoin wallet and separate wallet for your altcoins.

Most altcoins can’t be purchased with USD. That means you’ll want to purchase Bitcoins and swap those for your preferred altcoin on the right exchange.

10. Bitcoin is accepted in large stores:

As the popularity of Bitcoin increases, more shops allow you to shop with this cryptocurrency. Thus,
we find that this cryptocurrency begins to fulfill its main objective to become a digital currency for mass use.

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