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Bitci, a crypto-asset exchange from Turkey, is a registered crypto exchange of Fiat integration with national banks.

It offers a personal portfolio to the real-time unrealized and realized loss or gain monitored under a single website. The exchange permits trading with the fiat currencies of USD and TRY.

What’s Different About aims to research and develop blockchain technologies, and it has been operating since 2018. It’s one of the prominent crypto exchanges worldwide and the Bitcichain creator. It’s the first blockchain integrated in Turkey, and it features the stock market plus the payment system.

The platform is the only digital money project that offers integrated services and a transparent working system with loss and profit statistics, past transaction analysis, and a transaction scheme.

Significantly, Bitci tokenizes its brand’s partners while launching tokens to the supporters. The Fan Tokens offer holders (fans) some exclusive rights in its app. Fan Tokens are digital currencies that permit their holders to have various benefits like promotions and prizes. They’re fungible and limited in numbers; thus, your properties could be traded, and the market forces determine their prices.

Bitci has crypto sponsorship and partnership with some top clubs in Europe and South America. It also creates a ‘fan token’ that has been successful with some European clubs. In particular, the CBF (Brazilian Football Federation) signed a three years agreement with Bitci to launch NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and fan tokens on BitciChain. 

Bitci also has a partnership with Real Betis, Spanish Football Federation, Turkish basketball team, Glasgow Rangers, Mclaren Racing, and Wolverhampton Wanderers. These clubs currently use the Bitci platform.

It’s vital to add that Bitci is listed on some crypto exchanges, and unlike other popular cryptos, it can’t be bought directly with fiat money. The present Bitci price is $0.08, and it’s ranked about 2694 on the Coinmarketcap.

How to Sign up on

  • • To access the registration form, click its “Create Account” button. Then, fill in your full name, phone number, password, reference code, and the icon to check if you’re up to 18 years old.
  • • The second next is to click on the “Register” button. Here, you will enter the SMS verification code delivered to the phone number you inputted earlier. Next is to click on the “Submit” button.
  • • The third step is when you will enter your email address. After, click on the “Send Confirmation Link” button. After that, you will continue the membership process by clicking the link sent to your entered email address.

The Bitci login screen would open after you approve the email with the membership confirmation. 

  • • Meanwhile, you can access the Bitci with the Two-Factor Security Code through an SMS on your entered phone number.

How to Buy on and the Supported Payment Methods?

Unlike other popular cryptos, can’t be bought directly with fiat money.  But you can easily purchase the coin by purchasing bitcoin first from a fiat-to-crypto exchange, then transfer it to any exchange that can trade coin. 

Here are the steps to buy;

  • • First register on any Fiat-to-Crypto exchange.

To buy Bitcicoin on any popular crypto exchange, you need to have Ethereum or Bitcoin to trade with. And you can simply buy the crypto at Coinbase or with your bank account or credit card. 

Choose the Fiat-to-Crypto exchange. In particular, Coinbase accepts fiat deposits. You can register here to buy the crypto.

  • • Secondly, purchase Bitcoin or Ethereum with fiat money.

After registering on Coinbase or, you will add a payment method like a bank transfer or a debit/credit card where you will be charged. After, click on the ‘Trade’ button at the top and select Bitcoin or Ethereum while confirming your transaction.

  • • Thirdly, transfer Bitcoin or Ethereum to the Altcoin Exchange.

Since Bitci is altcoin, you need to transfer it to the exchange that Bitci trades.  You also need to visit any exchange that trades Bitci in various markets and register your account on its website. 

After, deposit the bitcoin or Ethereum to the exchange from or Coinbase. You can then buy Bitci from the exchange view once the deposit is confirmed. 

In the meantime, here are some exchanges that trade Bitci;, MEXC Global, Binance, Finexbox, Biconomy, BigONE, and XT.COM. 

  • • The final step is to store your Bitci securely in some hardware wallets. If you plan to hold your Bitci for a long period, consider securing it in a hardware wallet. The safest means to store coins is to put them in a type of cold wallet. 

The cold wallet will only have access to the blockchain if you send funds while lessening the hacking incident’s chances. 

A hardware wallet is a better category among cold wallets. It’s mostly USB-enabled devices, and it stores the main details of the wallet in a durable means. The hardware wallet is designed with military-level security and comes with firmware constantly maintained by the manufacturers. 

Ledger Nano X and Ledger Nano S are popular hardware wallets; they cost about $50 to $100 based on their features. They are a great investment if you want to hold your assets for long. Trading Fees and Charges

In Bitci, anytime you place orders, the exchange will charge you some trading fees. Bitci trading fee is the trade order value percentage. Several exchanges are divided between the makers and takers. The takers are the category that “take” the existing order from an order book.

What’s more, Bitci charges flat fees, which means that the makers and takers pay the same costs; 0.20 percent. The taker fees resonate based on the industry average of centralized exchanges. The industry average has been about 0.20 to 0.25 percent over the years, but there’s now the new industry average of about 0.10 percent to 0.15 percent.

Bitci’s Withdrawal fees

Bitci charges a withdrawal fee of just 0.001 bitcoin per bitcoin withdrawal. The fee is slightly above the world industry average bitcoin-withdrawal fees. Presently, the global industry average bitcoin-withdrawal fee is a bit more than 0.0006 bitcoin per bitcoin-withdrawal.

How Secure is

Bitci is a crypto exchange that has been active since 2018. Its SSL certificate is valid, and the website has gained some positive reviews. 

Bitci comes with many diverse trading pairs. It receives support from many exotic altcoins. Huge support by many cryptos shows that most altcoin traders can stay or use the platform without looking elsewhere for their trading needs. 

Conversely, there might be some scam coins for trading on the platform. Exchanges with smaller cryptos support the higher cryptocurrency projects that have been subject to various due diligence and are properly vetted. 

Bitci has been around for a while now, and it has been secured and safe when trading exchanges. It’s a secure crypto platform, and it’s mobile compatible. 

Conclusion is a blockchain tech firm from Bodrum, Turkey. It enables the entertainment and sports industry while transforming the fan engagement program through fan tokens, offering people a chance to win and invest via crypto exchanges. 

Bitci prides itself as the one-stop investment place for tech-savvy fans and investors by featuring both the crypto exchange and blockchain tech. 

Bitci is somewhat a new generation Bitcoin and Altcoin Exchange. The platform is the only digital money project that offers integrated services and a transparent working system with loss and profit statistics, past transaction analysis, and a transaction scheme.

As stated, can’t be bought directly with fiat money.  But you can easily purchase the coin by purchasing bitcoin first from a fiat-to-crypto exchange, then transfer it to any exchange that can trade coin.

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Written by:  Narender Charan

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