Top 10 NFT Games

Since the $69.3 million sales that hit the headlines, NFT has continued to trend and soar. Now, it's gaining more momentum in the mainstream media, as some popular celebrities and brands are accelerating the rising trend.

With the blockchain becoming more popular, NFT games are also rising in popularity. In other words, the online gaming market is a great partaker in NFT’s rise. More gaming platforms tokenize their game assets while making them useful and marketable as crypto-collectibles. 

However, this article will expound on the current top 10 NFT games by the number of users and emphasize NFT meaning and why it’s Revolutionary.

What’s NFT, and Why is it Revolutionary? 

What’s NFT 

NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens) is a cryptographic token representing unique assets on the blockchain. It’s unique, indivisible, and not interchangeable.

It’s a digital asset of intangible goods where certain values are conferred. It has digitally verifiable properties, like the possession of blockchain nodes. In other words, NFTs are collectible digital assets that hold value as a form of crypto and culture or art. NFTs, just like art, are considered value-holding investments. 

Since NFT is a hold value, it can be sold or bought like other kinds of art, and like physical art, its value is mostly created by the market and demand.

Why NFT is Revolutionary 

NFT has become one of the quickest growing trends in the digital market, gaining about $250 million in 2020. It’s taking the gaming and art worlds by storm. Meanwhile, its utility isn’t limited to memes or collectibles. 

Digital Art is one of the hottest NFT sectors; it hits an unprecedented height as the popular 225-year-old Christie’s auction house auctioned a digital collage in early 2021 for about US$70 million. The auction made the creator or owner the third costliest living artist ever. 

The famous auction house has sold some popular arts, which has now legitimized NFT in the digital art sector.

Before, it was hard to own and authenticate digital arts; however, the NFT’s unique signatures in the blockchain have contributed to higher valuations for the arts or assets.

The possible NFT use cases extend beyond digital art and unlocking liquidity, possibilities, and value. For example, the NBA Top Shot permits users to market NBA highlights, and it has gained thousands of sales.

In gaming, users are now familiar with selling and buying virtual items, hence authenticating the blockchain ownership, which is an excellent evolution. NFT unlocks the benefits while enabling gamers to gain from the in-game exploits, transforming casual play into making money.

Top 10 NFT Games By Number of Users

Alien Worlds

Alien worlds is the first top NFT game by the number of users. You can earn Trillium for mining and get an opportunity to mine the NFT game card every time you mine. It’s a blockchain-based game that’s free to play by anyone. 

With the easy mining activity, you’d receive Trillium, a blockchain token. As stated, the Trillium can be utilized to stake on one or more six planets while registering as a candidate to assume a planetary councilor and possibly govern the planet. The game card can be used in creative and new ways over time to upgrade the card while battling around the Thunderdome.


CryptoBlades is another NFT top game to earn. Riveted Games developed it under the Binance Smart Chain platform. It revolves around acquiring the legendary blades and powerful heroes to control them. 

The game players might participate in combat with their assets to get skill tokens. The assets are players owned by NFTs minted on the ERC-721 standard that might be traded under the proprietary market.

Axie Infinity 

Axie Infinity, the Pokemon-style game, is a popular NFT game established in the Ethereum blockchain. The game platform has implemented a scaling solution known as Ronin to offer no transaction fees. 

Specifically, it’s a decentralized strategy game that allows users to breed, collect, and trade their fantasy creatures known as Axis. The game is modeled after some prominent games such as Pokemon. It centers on managing and preparing Axis for fights against creatures called Chimera.

The cost of SLP with the game’s token is rising with the game’s popularity. For instance, it sold its upcoming and launched virtual space nine plots of land for $1.5M. And it records about 5,000 new users per week, plus a $1.8M weekly volume.

My DeFi Pet 

My DeFi Pet, a virtual pet game, combines DeFi collectibles and your personality. Binance Smart Chain and KardiaChain support it. The game is one of the newest in NFT, and it’s under the batch of advanced decentralized gaming projects that allow players to have fun while playing. It also offers the opportunity to earn cryptos.

The game has a crypto-token in its platform; thus, it’s reliable. It was launched in May 2021 by KardiaChain. My DeFi Pet is NFT gameplay that blends conventional gaming format and creative blockchain system with decentralized finance features that provide players different playing experiences.


Upland, a blockchain-based game, allows users to sell, buy, and trade some virtual properties for the real world. For example, if you become a digital landowner, you can set up properties and get UPX coins. This game project uses blockchain to hold any property under the Upland system to the NFT. 

The game’s internal currency uses the UPX cryptocurrency. And you can earn it in the game or buy more costly real estate, exchange it for dollars in the stock exchange, and then withdraw it to the fiat. More so, the game comes with NFT technology. The game app has more than 25,000 users with over 99,000 transactions in smart contracts.

Galaxy Blocks 

Galaxy Blocks is another top NFT game. It’s like the good old Tetris. Anyone can play the game, and it can be installed on the play store or AppStore.

With this game, you can earn TT in-game currency and even exchange it for USDT. It currently has over 10.58 thousand users.


Splinterlands is a popular and decentralized collectible game. This game’s goal is to create a card collection with abilities, attributes, and stats to engage in battles or fights with other players. 

The game’s collections and cards can be sold and bought, while the obtained crypto can be converted to fiat or utilized to boost the existing card. 

Jelly Squish 

The Jelly Squish game is a decentralized app under the ThunderCore platform. It’s a popular game played with sweets and fruit. The game players can compete in 1v1 battles while betting on the victory with crypto. The Jelly Squish game currently has over 3 thousand users. 

The winner takes everything, and you can withdraw your winnings from the platform.

Crypto Zoon 

The Crypto Zoon is the first ecosystem and game to combine the highest gaming aspects with the digital collectibles. The game is inspired by Pokemon Story. 

It aims to create a great platform for digital monsters to enable millions of people to engage in blockchain games and the NFT world in an easy and fun way.

To engage in CryptoZoon, you need to have one ZOAN. You can buy ZOAN or the item in the NFT market or buy the eggs or from other players.

TT Guess 

The TT guess is another top NFT game by numbers. The game aims to allow the winner to make a huge fortune while the loser wins the huge lucky draw prize.

Select the bet amount and guess if the lucky number would be low or high to play this game. Next is to check if you win. If you win, you will earn the TT back. And if you don’t, you would have a guessing token.

In addition, the prize pool would accumulate TT if participants grow, and TT proportion would be considered the three rewards bonus. In this game, the more guesses you attempt, the more prizes you would draw. And the three rewards are refreshed every seven days.


NFT unlocks some game benefits and enables gamers to gain from the in-game exploits while transforming casual play into money. NFT games are a mix of fun, thrills, and earning potential. Playing the games to earn some cryptos requires you to know more about the game and win while waiting for your rewards.

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Written by:  Narender Charan

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