Top 10 Fundamentally Strong Coins 2021

The evolution of cryptocurrency has led to the development of various coins. Bitcoin, which started with less than $1, has risen to more than $50,000 with over a 1 trillion market cap. However, in today’s market, a lot of coins have evolved with strong fundamentals. To know whether a coin is going to be strong and profitable in the long term, it is best to focus on the strong fundamentals as it is one of the significant factors that lead to the growth of cryptocurrencies.

But before we look into these fundamentals, it is also imperative to understand the concept of cryptocurrency. A cryptocurrency is a virtual or digital money that takes the form of tokens or coins. Most of these cryptocurrencies have been listed into the physical world with credit cards or other projects, and the larger majority remain entirely intangible.

The majority of cryptocurrency analysts and fundamentalists have aired their views on these coins and have evaluated the prospect of future growth. With the surging number of cryptocurrencies springing up daily, it is crucial to evaluate most of these coins. For instance, analysis attributes a great deal of importance to the ranking of coins relative to one another in terms of market cap. We have factored all these things and the number of coins coming out daily and have come up with the top 10 fundamentally strong coins. We are looking into the overview of these coins together with their price histories. And we hope that you select the appropriate coin that suits you. 

Let’s get started. 

Top 10 fundamentally strong coins 


Synthetic $SNX 

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Synthetix is a decentralized finance (Defi) protocol that allows for on-chain exposure to several cryptocurrencies and non-crypto assets. The protocol is hosted on the Ethereum blockchain network and allows users to access highly liquid synthetic assets. The platform’s goal is to enlarge the cryptocurrency space through its introduction of non-blockchain assets, thus providing access to a more robust financial market. 

Synthetix is one of the strong coins in the market which has been tipped to break into the top 20 coins before the end of the year. One of the unique features of the coin is that it is developed in a way that exposes users to the underlying assets via synths without having to hold the underlying assets. The platform allows users to trade and exchange synths. It also has a staking pool where users can stake their SNX tokens and be rewarded with transaction fee shares. 

SNX is one of the top coins to watch out for this year and it is available on Binance and Coinbase, among others.

1inch $1INCH

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1inch is a decentralized exchange aggregator developed to help users discover the best trade prices for tokens. For instance, instead of swapping tokens from a single liquidity pool of a DEX, 1inch will aggregate across different pools and suggest the most efficient ways to trade tokens.  However, for users to locate the best price for a swap, they need to look at every exchange – DEX aggregate removes the need for manually checking. This invariably brings efficiency to swapping on DEXs. One of the fantastic things about this coin is that it provides instant governance for its users. This unique feature permits users to vote for specific protocol settings in the decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) model. 

1INCH is available on 1inch Liquidity Protocol and Binance, among others.

Ocean Protocol $OCEAN

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The ocean is an open-source protocol with the aim of permitting businesses and individuals to exchange and monetize data and data-based services. The protocol is built on the Ethereum blockchain, and it uses data-tokens to gate access to data sets. Then, the tokens are redeemed by users who need access to the information. The OCEAN token is developed to be multi-purpose. It is used to validate the best data-tokens and also permit users to both participate in the governance and buying and selling of data. The OCEAN token is one of the top 10 fundamentally strong coins due to the unique features that it offers. Crypto experts project the value of the token to increase in the year. 

OCEAN is one of the top coins to watch out for this year and it is available on Binance and Kraken, among others.

Swipe $SXP 

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This is another coin that is seen as a strong coin by crypto experts. The swipe platform aims to form a bridge between the fiat cryptocurrency world with its three main existing products: the swipe multi-asset mobile wallet, the swipe cryptocurrency funded debit card, and the Swipe token (SXP). 

The swipe token allows holders to enjoy multiple benefits, ranging from paying for transaction fees to staking and getting discounts on the Swipe platform. It is the token that powers the entire swipe ecosystem. One of the significant core aspects of the swipe ecosystem is its debit card which can be used in many stores worldwide. Due to the numerous innovations in the swipe ecosystem, experts have projected the utility token as one of the fundamentally strong coins to watch out for in the year. 

SXP is available on FTX, among others.

Fetch.AI $FET 

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Fetch.Al is a decentralized digital representation of the real world in which autonomous software agents perform useful economic work. However, to achieve that, it relies heavily on Machine Learning (ML) and artificial intelligence. The main goal of Fetch is to “automate a limitless number of markets that needs huge manual intervention.” According to the founders of the cryptocurrency, autonomous economic transactions are expected to deliver near-frictionless marketplaces, operating at a breakneck speed. One of the things that make the project unique is that it was designed to find, create, deploy and train autonomous economic agents and is also an essential part of smart contracts and oracles on the platform. 

The coin has been estimated to be among one of the top 10 fundamentally strong coins, with its value expected to skyrocket in the future. FET is available on Wazirx and Binance, among others.

Energy Web Token $EWT

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Energy Web Token (EWT) is the native token of the Energy Web Chain, a public proof of Authority Ethereum Virtual Machine blockchain specifically designed to support enterprise-grade applications in the energy sector. The Energy Web Chain is operated and governed by over 25 validator nodes from 15 countries, including utilities, grid operators, and start-ups. In addition to its native token, the Energy Web Chain supports all ERC standards. The aim of the team behind the token was to launch a versatile blockchain solution for a wide range of applications in the energy sector. One of the amazing things about the project is that it offers enterprises the opportunity to create completely customized decentralized apps. 

EWT is available on Kucoin and Kraken, among others. 


No Coins Selected

Utrust (UTK) was developed to solve the problems resulting from the low usability of cryptocurrency as means of payment, particularly the underdeveloped transactional security of payment platforms and relatively high fees. The platform’s main objective is to design a system capable of allowing for faster and easy crypto transactions at a lower fee, thereby allowing crypto merchants to reach a large audience of crypto holders. One unique thing about this platform is that while other platforms accept one or a few other types of currency, UTrust accepts a vast majority of popular crypto assets available on the market. Thus, allowing users to utilize various digital currencies concurrently.

UTK is available Binance and Bitfinex, among others

Unibright $UBT 

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Unibright is one of our top picks for the top 10 fundamentally strong coins in the year. The Unibright offers a unified framework with the aim of bringing blockchain technology and contracts to mainstream users. The Unibright offers enterprise-level blockchain solutions, integration platforms, and an ecosystem centered around tokenized assets. The platform plays a huge role in the building of the Baseline Protocol. The protocol is designed to link traditional systems to each other and notarize states on a public mainnet, such as Ethereum. 

One amazing thing about this platform is that its framework is a low code business modeling and integration platform. It was developed with the goal of helping enterprises to utilize the advantages of blockchain technology. 

UBT is available on Uniswap and Bittrex, among others.

Secret $SCRT

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Secret Network is a blockchain built mainly for data privacy. Through the support of encrypted inputs, outputs, and smart contract states, Secret Network allows programmable smart contracts that keep user data safe. Cryptos such as Monero and Zcash can be seen as privacy-centric evolution of Bitcoin. In that case, Secret Networks smart contracts are like an evolution of Ethereum’s own smart contracts, developing on that premise while allowing for a secure transfer of private data. The coin is one of our fundamentally strong coins for the year. The SCRT seeks to plug the hole that comes from the issue of blockchain privacy by offering a layer of privacy and security while still keeping what people like about blockchain technology. 

SCRT is available on Binance and SecretSwap, among others

Vesper Finance $VSP  

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Vesper Finance is a platform of Defi primitives developed to make your money work harder for you. Vesper works as a “metalayer” for Defi, routing deposits to the highest yield opportunities within risk tolerance for the particular pool. Products are non-custodial and auto compounding. Under the hood, Vesper allows for a genuine set and forgets the experience at scale. That is through a unique approach that allows yield aggregating strategies to be upgraded, connected, concurrent, and replaced. It does this without any additional burden on the end-user. 

The coin is one of the top cryptocurrencies that has been projected to break into the top 50 in market cap this year, which makes it one of the fundamentally strong coins on our list.

VSP is available on Sushiswap and Uniswap, among others

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Written by:  Narender Charan

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