How to earn stable income with crypto: Recap

The crypto space has established a new digital market that offers people various ways to earn stable and passive income.

This article will expound on how to earn that stable income with crypto while emphasizing the crypto investments with the highest yields, the ones that require the fewer skills, and the ones that are the least risky. Going through them will help you to find the best that suits you or your investment.

Crypto Investment with the Highest Yields

Any investor or crypto enthusiast aims to maximize interest. Several crypto firms, including fintech startups, exchanges, or even investment funds, provide products that bring a yield at a higher interest rate than other traditional products, such as a bank’s savings account. 

The products provide the investors with how to make their crypto returns beyond trading or to hold the currency. Some crypto projects come with a high return. Specifically, invest in Defi Staking, Cash and Carry, and Perpetual Funding if you want to earn higher returns or yields from your crypto investment.

What’s Defi Staking

Defi Staking means that users can participate and utilize smart contracts in various issues through the vote of a proof-of-stake type while making passive rewards by locking their cryptocurrencies.

Defi Stacking is different from regular staking because it happens On-chain. It means that it is entirely decentralized and the protocols aren’t directly controlled by anyone. You can stake Defi on any of these popular platforms like Solana, Ethereum, and Binance Smart Chain. 

Further, Defi Staking means to offer liquidity to a trading pair on protocols like Sushiswap or Uniswap. Meanwhile, the best places to do DeFi Staking include Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Ethereum, and Solana. 

How Cash and Carry Occurs

Cash and Carry trade happen in future markets; thus, there is no funding fee. However, there is an expiration date; if the expirations happen, each of the positions, both short and long, is settled.

The longer the expiration is, the higher the price difference with the primary market would be. When traders are bullish, the price would be higher. Conversely, if they are bearish, it would be lower. 

How Perpetual Funding Works

There is a mechanism called funding fee in the perpetual market, which occurs multiple times a day to the primary market. When the secondary market price is lower than the primary one, people being short (people that sold the contract) have to pay a fee to the people being long (people that bought the contract). 

Thus, there is an incentive to buy the contract. The opposite is also possible when the price is higher, and so the longer would pay the funding fee to the shorts.

The funding fee is predictable (the exchange shows it); thus, it is possible to make money. To make the strategy risk-free, you will have to make the opposite trade on the primary market. 

Some popular places to do perpetual funding trading are FTX, Binance, and BitMEX.


Staking, Cash and Carry, and Perpetual Funding Offers High yield 

Defi Staking, Cash and Carry, and Perpetual Funding accrue higher earnings; Fees needed for them are usually low. Users can earn the highest returns while keeping the same risk level.

These projects have grown popular nowadays because of the attractive rewards and the rise in trading volume.

Apart from the high returns, Defi Staking, Cash and Carry, and Perpetual Funding funds are safe and secure. For example, Binance chooses the industry’s best DeFi projects while monitoring the Defi system.


Defi Staking, Cash and Carry, and Perpetual Funding Execution Can Be Tricky 

Defi Staking, Cash and Carry, and Perpetual Funding are more technical and less user friendly; they, unlike others, can be trickier and more technical. Another disadvantage of them is that they require collateral management if the market has high volatility.

Crypto Investment with Less Skills

Generally, cryptos are divisible. Thus, it shows that you could purchase smaller fractions, permitting low investment thresholds. The ability to buy, trade, or stake in crypto is available to all. For crypto investments that require fewer skills, you might want to consider Staking and Margin Lending. 

What’s Staking

Staking is transacting validation on a PoS (proof-of-stake) blockchain. Any investor with the required and minimum crypto balance can validate transactions and receive Staking rewards. It looks like margin lending but much simpler. 

Instead of dealing with lending markets where the lender has to deal with lending times, renewals, and interest rates, the lender directly sees stacking deals with the platforms. Mostly, the longer you stake, the better interest deal you would get.

The Mechanism of Margin Lending

Generally, Margin lending is a loan that permits borrowing capital to invest, with the use of managed funds, existing shares, or cash as security.

It is borrowing an asset to trade it in the primary market. When the trading is done, the asset is given back to the lender.  Before that, the lender and the borrower agree on the lending percentage and the renewal time of the operation. 

The lender receives interest from the borrower; the longer time, the more interest is being paid. The best place to do margin lending is FTX, binance, Kucoin, and


Staking and Margin Lending are Safe and Easy 

A good advantage of Staking and Margin lending over others is that they are safe and involve fewer skills. They are easy to use and offer high interest with fewer risks. For instance, only the borrower can stop the operation in Margin Lending when the trade is on. 

Staking and Margin lending has a good interest rate with less work. In particular, Margin lending provides investors the potential to magnify gains in an increasing share market.


Staking and Margin Lending need some management over time and have high staking requirements. 

Crypto investment with Less Risk

The best crypto to purchase or stake is based on familiarity with risk tolerance and digital assets. A major feature of crypto investment is risk and volatility. Thus, it’s wise to look for crypto projects with less risk. Staking has been a passive income with less risk in crypto. Read on to find out.


 Staking is Easy, Safe, and Less Risky

Staking has less risk over other crypto projects. It’s a good means to earn passive income while controlling your digital wealth. The staking ease is enhanced when using the staking platform because the technicality is removed from the speaker.


Staking has fewer yields

Simply because less risk often means less reward, staking often breeds less yield than others.


Crypto staking is a great means that has changed the crypto face and offers significant opportunities for investors. The PoS network has grown and expanded in influence as a strong investment tool.

If you hold some idle cryptocurrency investments somewhere, research, weigh the risk and stake them.  

In other words, before you invest in any of the above crypto projects to earn a passive or stable income, it’s vital to weigh up the risks because none are risk-free. 

Note; A great strategy for mitigating risk in crypto is to spread investment across diverse cryptos. It does come with its issues; however, it’s far better than investing or putting in one project. Even though cryptos or crypto projects have price volatility, each of them failing concurrently is very unlikely. 

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Written by:  Narender Charan


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