Top 10 Metaverse Stocks in META

Today Metaverse has gone viral because of its impact on our daily lives; as it enables an individual to foresee what the future will look like especially in transacting currencies. Moreover, Metaverse doesn’t just focus only on currencies but how individuals can have meetings as well as discussions online from different regions of the world.

The term “Metaverse” was derived from “meta” and “universe” was coined by an author by the name Neal Stephenson in 1992.

This Metaverse was designed to serve as a three-dimensional virtual network online ecosystem which allows its users to join the way they join other social media networks and live their lives there.

Currently, thousands of people are joining this amazing platform because of the future they see in it. Assorted businesses and investors are venturing into this platform because you can use it to control your business from anywhere in the world, even without lacking anything.

In this guide, we’ll discuss the top 10 Metaverse companies.

Top 10 Metaverse Stocks in META

#1. Nvidia (NVDA)

Nvidia is one of the top Metaverse that offers some critical components which aids in the functionality of other Metaverse applications. Some of these functions are Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) – which other Metaverse components use in their functionality.

While Nvidia processes the graphics of others. It aids to push other Metaverse both in their popularity, profit margin, as well as increasing the company’s share price.

As Nvidia provides hardware form factor for Metaverse, the company has been planning on releasing a software called Omniverse platform.

The goal of this software is to help in the production, sharing, and management of other experiences that individuals should have about Metaverse.

Moreover, Nvidia is seen as a forefront company in the future of Metaverse stocks. 

#2. Roblox (RBLX)

Roblox is another amazing company in the Metaverse that investors and businesses are aiming at. Their services are quite different from others because they focus on developing their special hardware and other services which can be of great help in the Metaverse circle.

One of the goals of Roblox is to create a virtual experience that will enhance users’ virtual experience for their needs in the Metaverse sector.

Besides enhancing users’ virtual experience, Roblox creates a platform where users can develop their desired games and upload them to the Roblox community. The creators of these games will be rewarded when other users play their games or spend money on something like purchasing some token in those games.

#3. Microsoft (MSFT)

As Microsoft is already a popular company that has been in existence for years now, they suddenly pick interest in the Metaverse as they have an insight into the technology and the future of Metaverse.

Currently, Microsoft is known as the world’s second great company by market cap and they are doing everything possible to move their services to Metaverse to reach a wider audience through this platform.

The popular Microsoft Azure which is known as Microsoft cloud service that serves different companies in the world including commercial banks, and Microsoft Mesh are the two core Microsoft services that are in the process of moving to the Metaverse.

While Microsoft Azure is a cloud service, the Microsoft Mesh is integrated to help people manage their businesses virtually from the comfort of their homes.

Moreover, with Microsoft Azure, users can create real-world objects which can be used for simulations, planning, as well as innovation.

#4. Meta Platforms (FB)

Meta Platforms which is popularly known as Meta was initially known as Facebook, Inc.

Although Meta Platforms emerged lately, it has gained the interest of many investors and currently, its value is excelling and it is seen as one of the top Metaverse stocks.

As of January 2022, Meta Platforms moved a bit forward by introducing a new platform known as Horizon World’s; this serves as a virtual world where people that are 18 years or older can associate and manage businesses online. Currently, this Meta Platforms Horizon World is available in the U.S and Canada.

The social media giant (Facebook) unveils its Metaverse as of October 2021 when the company publicly announced its next move which is investing in augmented and virtual reality products.

#5. Unity Software (U)

In the Metaverse, Unity Software possesses a major part of the 3D video game engines. These video games allow users to alter the way video game players behave and interact in the game environment.

Unity Software services has been implemented in several sectors such as engineering industries, animation industries, etc.

As of late 2021, Unity Software obtains Weta Digital which enhances visual effects in studios. Moreover, it was one of the tools that were used to create “The Lord of the Rings” movies. 

Unity Software CEO quoted in one of his quotes “What we want to try to do is have your average 14-year-old be able to do what Peter (Jackson) did in creating Gollum and putting that character in the metaverse.”

#6. Apple (AAPL)

Currently, Apple (AAPL) is fast making a move to find its way to the top Metaverse companies.

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook revealed that the company is making waves to build a digital and reality platform virtually.

As Apple always likes exploring new technologies, they derive interest to join Metaverse – seeing the future of this sector and how the world is turning, advancing, and investing in Metaverse.

Apple, seeing its current achievement, has more than 14,000 apps in the App Store knows how Metaverse will help them to reach more audiences across the globe, as Metaverse can be accessed virtually globally.

Apple considering its plans of producing new devices which will feature diverse gaming, communication as well as content consumption features will fully utilize Metaverse support features.

#7. Amazon

Amazon is one of the top Metaverse to look into as they are already popular in the tech world and eCommerce.

Their cloud service which is known as Amazon Web Services (AWS) has been leading in the cloud computing space.

As Amazon is quite grounded in technology, they stand the ground of developing their Metaverse projects.

In the AMZN stock market cap, Amazon trades at over $3k as of January 2022.

Amazon is a key factor in the tech market plans on massive infrastructure investment in the Metaverse between 2023 and 2025. Their CEO worked tremendously in outing AMZN among the top picks for Metaverse stocks.

#8. Autodesk (ADSK)

Autodesk is a popular company that develops assorted software that helps in designing buildings as well as goods building.

Builders – like the architects make use of their software in modeling and simulating their programs before implementing it in the real world system.

Currently, over 50% of every Autodesk business has this software for designing and construction or for simulating purposes.

This software comes with full integrated functions which help to design virtually using 3d animation and building tools.

Considering the features of this software, it is considered to be one of the best fits for Metaverse construction.

#9. Qualcomm

Early 2022, Qualcomm, a popular chipmaker company declared their new collaboration with another popular company known as Microsoft to build an amazing platform that will increase consumer and enterprise adoption.

The company announced that Snapdragon semiconductor products will be dominating the next coming generation in the Metaverse.

Moreover, Snapdragon has already captured some virtual reality devices in the Meta Platform which is known as the Oculus Quest headset.

#10. Tencent Holdings

While Tencent Holdings is listed among the top 10 Metaverse companies. Although stocks listed in the Chinese stock market sometimes face regulatory challenges.

As Tencent is known for publishing apps, the government previously banned it from publishing apps. Moreover, Tencent started making waves to the top Metaverse picks as of Q3 in 2021.

Tencent uses the know-how building blocks technology to create amazing products in the Metaverse sector. The features can be used to build games, design hardware server architecture, etc. which will be of great support in the Metaverse circle.

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Written by:  Narender Charan

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