Top 10 Low Cap Music Projects with Potential to Grow

As much as the crypto market is experiencing a downtrend currently, there is no doubt about its rising because it will still rise again in the long term as long as crypto does exist.

If you have been following cryptocurrency updates, you would have noticed that over the years, cryptocurrencies have established themselves strongly and they have entered the mainstream.

Perhaps, low-cap music projects are much available and it’s time for investors to maximize the opportunity and invest in these low-cap music projects.

Moreover, all the projects that are contained in these music projects are still in their infant stage and they are usually discarded by lots of investors.

These music projects can still get to a successful start if their prices increment to a certain stage.

In this guide, we will discuss the top 10 low-cap music projects with potential to grow.

Top 10 Low Cap Music Projects with Potential to Grow

#1. Opulous (OPUL)

Opulous (OPUL) is a blockchain-based music fundraising platform and it also features a copyright registration protocol. 

Opulous uses DeFi yield generation systems following NFT (non-fungible token) technology to inspire and power artists and fans on the Opulous platform.

Moreover, Opulous allows musicians and fans to have a share in the music industry’s accumulated royalties.

Research shows that both KuCoin and Gate support this music project and they have assorted celebrities that are utilizing its services.

Recently, there have been lots of problems in the music industry because so many artists are at the bottom of the celebrity’s totem pole.

Perhaps, there are lots of benefits that await artists and fans when they join the Opulous.

For instance, they can be able to connect and earn major benefits from this platform together.

Moreover, Opulous was built on the high-performance Algorand blockchain and the goal was to provide top-notch scalability and low gas fees to the market.

#2. Melos studio (MELOS)

Melos Studio is an innovative and decentralized music NFT marketplace that was launched in 2020 in Taiwan. 

Melos Studio is quite a fantastic and unique platform that allows musicians, content creators as well as artists to show off their talent to the entire Melos Studio community and also to their followers.

Generally, it serves as a platform where musicians, creators, and artists can converge and share relevant data.

As a creator in Melos Studio’s ecosystem, you can earn money when your content is sold. Fortunately, the Melos Studio ecosystem operates in BNB and ETH blockchains.

Currently, there are over 790,000 registered members on the Melos Studio platform.

Investors should know that MELOS is the official token of the Melos Studio platform and this token can as well be used as DAO and utility token in the platform.

#3. Viberate (VIB)

Viberate is an Ethereum-based decentralized ecosystem that was designed for showcasing live music talent. 

The goal of this platform is to link artists, fans, event organizers, as well as talent management agencies in one platform.

Perhaps, the Viberate music project is both a Business-to-Business (B2B) and a Business-to-Consumer (B2C) marketplace; this makes it possible for fans to be able to foresee musician’s profiles and access their future concerts.

Also, they can be able to purchase tickets and obtain other relevant information from the music industry.

Moreover, since Viberate is Ethereum-based, the Viberate coin happens to be an ERC-20 token.

Viberate makes it possible for event organizers to easily get artists and performers for their needs.

#4. BitSong (BTSG)

BitSong is another fantastic low-cap music project that was dedicated to musicians and listeners of which the goal is to generate profit for the artist and also for the users. This will in turn create a money-saving opportunity for the advertisers.

BitSong allows people to create their songs of which an advertiser can place advertisements in the created songs.

Perhaps, one of the amazing features of this platform is that for every advertisement listened to, the artist and the listener will get up to 90% of the profits that the advertiser embedded in the advertisement.

Users will be paid for every attention they gave to the advertisement, while the song producers will receive their earnings in real-time.

This will enable the advertiser to be able to optimize his ad campaign when he goes through the detailed reports.

#5. The Husl (HUSL)

The HUSL is an NFT music marketplace that allows both fans and musicians to interact with each other across the globe.

The main goal of HUSL is to allow creative people to leverage on their terms thereby skipping as many intermediaries as possible.

HUSL exists to change the bridge between the music industry and artists through the use of NFTs and blockchain technology.

Perhaps, HUSL also concentrates on changing how musicians and fans interact with one another in experiences, unreleased music, events, collectibles, apparel, etc.

#6. Emanate (EMT)

Emanate is another low-cap music project that uses an audio exchange protocol that was designed to enable a lot of people in the Emanate platform such as producers, distributors, as well as influencers to be able to associate in the music industry through blockchain-based smart contracts. 

Perhaps, the EMT token is a cryptographic asset designed to be sold in the early stages of the Emanate growth.

The Emanate token is available for investors who would like to claim a position in the Emanate ecosystem; being fully aware of the decentralized future for the music industry.

Moreover, in the music industry today, there has been a high tendency on monetizing music, since music technology needs an audience.

By using Emanate, artists, DJs, and music influencers can be able to share the revenue generated from the fans and contributors, and also they will be able to increase their influence and notoriety. 

#7. Ureeqa (URQA)

UREEQA is quite an amazing platform listed among the low-cap music projects that crave to protect creators’ work, right as well as their revenue by utilizing the power of blockchain technology.

This awesome platform was launched in the district of Canada in the year2020 and is focused on modernizing the wasteful and regulatory frameworks with regards to copyright, patent, modern plan, and brand name security.

Perhaps, UREEQA has a robust and compelling Package of Proof that is used as a source of the creator’s work. Also, it validates NFTs to represent creative rights in the platform. 

This feature gives buyers confidence since they know that their investment is anchored on the smart contract and also it is approved by the Creator of the work.

#8. Rhythm (RYTHM)

Rhythm is another low-cap music project and it is the local token of the BeatPlaylist stage.

Being a token with low charges and quick exchange speeds, it has been given on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

As of now, Rhythm has  20 billion tokens and around 1.7 billion have been worn and unavailable for general use.

In addition, this Rhythm token permits its clients to buy premium enrollments on BeatPlaylist.

Maybe, one of the significant objectives of Rhythm is to make the music business decentralized from start to finish; implying that agents ought to be eliminated from record marks, to guarantee that craftsmen acquire income from the melodies.

Likewise, Rhythm pointed toward making a Centralized Decentralized Finance (CeDeFi) application in their foundation.

With the application, clients can undoubtedly make NFTs of their music called NFT Pins and offer them to their fans.

#9. Potentiam (PTM)

Potential is a network designed for music artists, content writers in the music world, and other people who wish to join content writers or artists.

One of the major functions of Potentiam is to improve correspondences and connections inside the music business, in this way killing the agents by building interconnecting stages with the utilization of blockchain innovation.

Perhaps, music creators can easily earn more money through this medium, and also music lovers will have the opportunity to benefit from the music industry.

#10. Animal Concerts (ANML)

Animal Concerts is a low-cap music project that allows its users to earn revenue from ticket sales, Advertising, Promotion & Merchandising.

Also, users can earn NFTs with real token utility across the Animal Concerts ecosystem. 

In addition, Animal Concerts users can as well earn revenue from video games, art, and in-person concerts.


Although these music projects currently have a low market cap, as the crypto world expands, most of these music projects will eventually grow over time. These low-cap music projects are quite another opportunity you can utilize. However, it’s advisable to do your own research before investing in any of the coins mentioned in this article.

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Written by:  Narender Charan

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