Top 10 Crypto Twitter Traders

The world of the Internet and social networks serve many things, including keeping us informed and understanding what is happening around us. Even platforms like Twitter serve to take some tips and guides before investing in the crypto market. On Twitter many crypto traders give us opinions, information, data, statistics, and others on various cryptocurrencies or aspects that always help us in decision-making

We know that there are many lists that we can find on the Internet about the most influential accounts in the crypto world. There are even many more criteria that can be taken to make a new one. So here we have compiled the top 10 crypto traders for you.

1. Crypto_rand – (217k followers):

Crypto Rand is one of the well-known cryptocurrency analysts on Twitter. He has over 217k followers on Twitter and so we have kept it on the top of our list.

With technical market analysis, Crypto_rand also explains the connection between real-world economies and the crypto market.

2. VentureCoinist – (216.1k followers):

Luke Martin is one of the popular crypto traders and available on Twitter with @VentureCoinist handle. He shares interesting charts regularly and he is a master in technical analysis of this field. 

For just $50 per month, you can watch and learn his live webinar daily. He is surely one of the popular traders among regular traders. 

Check out his podcast to gain insight into major investment trends. Learn from popular and experienced fund managers.

3. CryptoCred – (156k followers):

Are you in search of the best educational content on crypto? You can follow CryptoCred to get in-depth daily posts. He shares his opinions and views with great passion and dedication.

He also posts interesting charts that help you instantly about current price action. CryptoCred does a great job as many people pay for premium content.

4. CryptoDonAlt – (143.2k followers):

CryptoDonAlt will guide you through all the problems related to cryptocurrency trading. All his tweets and posts are great educational content.

The best part of this trader is that he does not use any complicated or fancy setups that make his account an ideal starting point for all other traders who wish to improve their trading results.

On his twitter account, you can expect numerous charts, technical analysis, altcoins analysis, and price action insight.

5. Scottmelker (94.5k followers):

Scott Melker is also known as The Wolf of All Streets. He is a Texas West Capital trader and analyst who posts crypto charts daily.

Scott Melker is one of the crypto influencers. He talks to your favorite characters from the world of Crypto, Bitcoin, Trading, and Finance. He had a forecast of the recent fall of Bitcoin prices.

Scott has lost everything in the equity market and made it again 3 times. He said the only reason why he is on Twitter is to help other investors to learn from his experience.

He has also launched his cryptocurrency trading newsletter – “The Wolf’s Den”.

6. Josh Rager (72.5k followers):

Josh Rager is one of the big names in the world of cryptocurrency markets. His content and news on crypto are professional, clean, and clear.

He is a respected crypto trader and analyst. He is also the co-founder of BlockRoots. It is a platform to learn more about crypto and blockchain. He is also a Senior Advisor for Level (LVL) and on the Trader Advisory Board for Glass node. He has recently made an interesting prediction. He said that the price of Ethereum may reach new heights in the coming few years.

7. SatoshiFlipper (55.7k followers):

Satoshi Flipper is another popular crypto analyst on Twitter. He is one of the well-known portfolio analysts, futures, and altcoin traders.

In summer 2017, he started researching his own for 2 months before starting crypto trading. Today, he is master in flipping altcoins to collect more and more Bitcoins.

Also, he will tell you everything about the consequences of risk management and market cycles. He posts charts daily and shows his trading of win and loss. Also, he said that his DM is always open for those who need help. He has already helped many followers and will continue to do so.

Follow this passionate crypto trader on Twitter, his trading and business experiences help you in your crypto journey.

8. JackSparrow – (41.8k followers):

JackSparrow posts an interesting analysis chart and all his works look visually stunning. Also, he has a YouTube channel named Bitcoin Bravado. If you have never watched its content, do not miss to follow. It is surely worth your time.

He is straightforward and is not afraid to give bearish views on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. If you are in search of advanced setups with extensive use of Fibonacci levels, BTC_JackSparrow will also satisfy the more demanding ones among readers.

9. ImBagsy – (40.7k followers):

He remains behind the mask to hide his real identity. If you see a crypto-chart with a black background with white and red candlesticks on Twitter, maybe you are looking at one of his setups.

He provides high-quality analysis charts and offer views on Altcoin rightly mixed with lots of memes. His entertaining and funny posts help to get through a long stressful day.

You can hire ImBagsy to promote your Blockchain or crypto brand across Twitter, YouTube, and more. He also comes live and clearly describe setups and explains how to tackle it correctly in keeping with his view.

10. IncomeSharks – (31.5k followers):

You can follow IncomeSharks to get charts, forecast, and trading ideas of cryptocurrencies. Also, you will get unique market insights from the largest community of active traders and investors. Also, they offer a VIP section in which you will get access to the additional research, predictions, features, etc.

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