Top 10 Blockchain games 2020

Blockchain is not only about tokens and cryptocurrencies, but it is being applied in a wide range of spheres. Certainly, the online entertainment industry couldn't ignore this great technology, so cryptocurrency games were soon on the horizon.

With very well-designed gameplay and token economics, blockchain games have started a new era in the gaming industry.
In blockchain games, at least some data from the game is not stored on the developer’s computer. As an alternative, it is stored on a blockchain network or decentralized network. If we elaborate in other words, it is stored on a network that is similar to the kind used with crypto such as Bitcoin.
Decentralized games offer true ownership of digital items. Blockchain technology also enables a player-driven economy, cross-game interoperability, and play-to-earn gaming models.
Do you want to play something really exciting and interesting? On this list, we’ve rounded up the best cryptocurrency games of 2020. Play any of your favourite games and have fun!

1. Spells of Genesis:

Spells of Genesis is a blockchain-based puzzle game with a fantasy RPG feel. This is one of the first bitcoin blockchain games. Spells of Genesis is compatible with iOS and Android, as well as PC. The concept is somewhat average between a card trading game and an arcade. By playing this game, you can enchant your rival, venture out, pick up a desk, and fight your enemies.
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2. Mythereum:

Mythereum is a popular multiplayer digital trading game that is based on a card game. This game is designed on the Ethereum blockchain where players make unique decks of cards and challenges to other players to engage in this battle. 

Every Mythereum card is a unique Ethereum blockchain-based asset which you can sell, transfer, and trade. Those cards are individually available and in the booster packs, which include 5 random cards from the latest edition.

As you play this game, you will gain Mythereum XP points which you can redeem later for new cards. You can also upgrade it to ones you already own.
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3. EOS Knight:

In the game of EOS Knight, you will get experience and items. Possibly, it can be called one of the best cryptocurrency games on the EOS platform.

Its goal is to advance the fight against the bad gangs. If someone dies, then you can be reborn, preserving the items you won. There is a special platform where you can exchange goods.

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4. Neon District:

This is a role-playing blockchain game that tries to blend a free turn-based combat game using side chains and possession of based products on Ethereum.

One of the important parts of the Neon District game is its elements: Armor, weapons, and other equipment that you need to collect and create. While playing this game, your character will become more powerful and will change its appearance. 

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5. 0xUniverse:

0xUniverse is one of the classic Ethereum based cryptocurrency strategy games that allows players to discover space and inhabit other planets.

Also, there are many cosmic bodies whose properties are used to create new rockets. That allows you to build empires and conquer new planets. Occasionally, the researcher finds artificial left behind by alien civilizations.

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6. Forgotten Artifacts:

Forgotten Artifacts is an action-adventure role-playing slash and hack video game which is developed by Codebit Labs.

Players embark on dangerous adventures to find hidden artifacts throughout the universe. A new NFT with the Dai brand and worthy companion, helps players navigate while searching for treasures and fighting to protect their possessions.
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7. MegaCryptoPolis:

A strategic game to create a city, based on the purchase and management of land, under the management of which taxes are collected. As lots are bought and sold between players, participants in the game have powerful incentives to obtain neighbouring lands.

Currently, this game is based on ETH blockchain and supports ERC721 tokens, its transactions share is 25%. At the moment, the game has 56 districts and 21,000 plots.

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8. Gods Unchained:

This game is an Ethereum based trading card game. In this game, each stage is a battle between 2 players or a single-player and a computer. 

The objective of this game is to reduce the enemy’s life to zero by hitting their gods with yours. They all have their own collection of gods, which they can use to choose a deck of 30 cards and fight their opponent.

Each collectible card is a non-fungible token (NFT) based on the Ethereum blockchain. This allows players to keep their game funds in the same way that they have a cryptocurrency.

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9. Splinterlands:

Splinterlands is one of the most popular trading card games on the cryptocurrency scene and a successful decentralized app. Each Splinterlands game consists of an ever-changing set of combat rules, a timed team building session, and actual fighting. 

On average, a fight won’t last more than two minutes, ensuring an exciting experience and the ability to play on the go. By changing the combat rules with each fight, the game achieves unique fights and challenges players to really know their cards.

Unlike other card games, where it is simply the player with the strongest overall team who wins, players in Splinterlands are challenged to adjust their team for each fight to better comply with the rules and achieve victory. 

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10. Ethermon:

Ethermon is the company’s flagship title and it has been in the top 2 most popular dApp games as soon as it got released.

Ethereum’s loving collectible monsters will not only have their own castle and gyms. Also, they have their own battle and hatch eggs with new monsters.

Ethermon is a decentralized game that is built on the Ethereum network. It is designed with ether monsters in a world which you can trade, fight, and capture with other monsters. In this game, the players are called “MonSeekers”.

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As you can see, there is a huge selection of online crypto games that start from simple casino slots and end in shooting games, 3D action, and exploration. Being Blockchain-based, some of them guarantee 100% fair play. 

Furthermore, many of them give players the opportunity to earn cryptocurrencies. So, if you haven’t earned an altcoin in your life, it’s a great and truly enjoyable opportunity to fill your crypto wallet!

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