Top 10 Reasons to Buy BNB

February 18. 2021.

The Binance Coin (BNB) is the native traditional token of the Binance cryptocurrency exchange, one of the world’s leading crypto exchanges. The popularity of the exchange has increased due to the various technological innovations going on in the platform.
Top 10 Governance tokens

February 15. 2021.

The current surge in cryptocurrency has increased the popularity of Decentralized finance. While cryptocurrencies aim to make global payments accessible to everyone, Defi aims to bring it even a further step closer by combining both cryptocurrency and finance.
How GameStop ($GME) Saga Will Help Crypto

February 9. 2021.

How could this skyrocketed rise in GameStop help the cryptocurrency community at large? Find out below as we discuss how this GME saga will help the cryptocurrency world.
Top 10 Launchpool Projects

February 04. 2021.

With the ongoing popularity of Decentralized finance, top crypto exchanges are looking for ways of bringing the Defi experience closer to its users. One of the ways of achieving that is by developing a launchpool.
What is NFT, and How Does it Work?

January 30. 2021.

With the world focusing all attention on bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, another type of digital asset is slowly gaining popularity from the background. The Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are rising slowly all the time and have been considered as the future of the gaming , art, and even the real estate industry.
Top 10 Crypto Tax-Friendly Countries

January 26. 2021.

There are countries that are crypto tax-friendly. Most of these countries either have friendly cryptocurrency tax laws, or crypto transactions are not taxed. If you are looking for a place to start up your cryptocurrency business, you might want to check these countries.
Systematic investing in Bitcoin

January 20. 2021.

In simple terms, Systematic investing is an investment strategy where the decision is defined by the led down rules. A systematic investment plan in Bitcoin will neutralize the risk involved due to the market fluctuations. And it will help you to grow your total holding.
Bitcoin Expectations: 2021

January 16. 2021.

Despite the various Bitcoin price fluctuations witnessed in the past, Bitcoin has continued to gain worldwide popularity. The digital coin has continued to draw the attention of investors and has led to numerous investments in the cryptocurrency as a hedge against inflation.
Bitcoins Journey in 2020

January 12. 2021.

The year 2020 started with memorable events for Bitcoin. It is a year that is worthy of remembrance for the cryptocurrency community at large. The crypto market boomed in the year 2020, with many big brands investing and using various crypto-coins for their business transactions.
Top 10 Personalities Who Could be Satoshi Nakamoto

December 29. 2020.

In the search for Satoshi’s real identity, people have presented various theories, claimed to be Satoshi himself, and suggested who could be Satoshi Nakamoto. So, today we’ll be looking at the top 10 personalities who could be Satoshi Nakamoto.
Top 10 Tv Shows That Mentioned Bitcoin

December 23. 2020.

As the crypto markets are touching skies, it is imperative to note that the media are not left out in this ongoing cryptocurrency campaign. It’s obvious to notice the mention of Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies in mainstream media or TV shows.
Top 10 Publicly Traded Companies Buying Bitcoin

December 14. 2020.

In this article, we will be looking at the top 10 publicly traded companies buying bitcoin. We'll be going through their total bitcoin investment, how much bitcoin they are currently holding, and their total market cap.
Top 10 Picks for Upcoming Alt-Season

December 04. 2020.

Altcoins, also known as Alternative cryptocurrencies, have started to record a massive improvement across all boards. Most of the small-cap coins have seen their gain tripled within the last few weeks.
Top 10 Ways to Earn With Crypto

November 28. 2020.

With the ongoing surge in cryptocurrency, it is imperative to learn the different ways through which one can earn with cryptocurrency. Since cryptocurrency came to the limelight, many investors have embraced it, leading to an increase in its popularity.
Bitcoin VS Gold

November 23. 2020.

Over the years, investors and market observes have drawn a series of comparisons between Bitcoin and Gold. Both have proved to be useful, and investors have used them as a speculative investment at one point or another.
President-Elect Joe Biden and Crypto

November 17. 2020.

The crypto world was also affected when major news outlets announced Biden as the winner of the election. Bitcoin, the world's leading cryptocurrency, fell amid the prospect of a stable transition of power believed to be happening soon.