Coinflex Exchange Review  

CoinFLEX exchange is quite an outstanding cryptocurrency exchange platform designed for both spot and margin trading.

Just like some top-notch cryptocurrency exchange platforms, CoinFLEX is a multifunctional platform that combines both the mechanics of a universal crypto wallet and an adaptive investment portfolio.

Besides this, CoinFLEX has advanced options which help users to earn passive income while using this exchange platform.

Moreover, users are allowed to buy/sell lots of cryptocurrencies which include but are not limited to Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Tether, and even tokens.

Hereunder, while using CoinFLEX, your cryptocurrency funds can be easily transferred to fiat which in turn can be withdrawn to plastic cards, bank accounts, and even other cryptocurrency wallets.

One of the fantastic features of CoinFLEX is flexUSD; this is quite a stablecoin with interest income for its users.

The flexUSD and note tokens make it possible for CoinFLEX to build an investment package for users which will in turn provide loans to institutional trading firms within the CoinFLEX exchange platform.

What is different about coinFLEX?

coinFLEX being an outstanding cryptocurrency exchange platform has some spectacular features which mark the major difference when comparing coinFLEX with other cryptocurrency exchange platforms.

Do you know that there is no fee for maker orders when using the CoinFLEX exchange platform?

Besides this, CoinFLEX is quite transparent and users can easily harness advanced functions that are integrated into their account.

Below are some core features that differentiate coinFLEX from other exchange platforms.

FlexUSD innovative product

CoinFLEX has innovative solutions which help to bring both investors and crypto markets together through its intuitive yield products.

Some of these intuitive yield products are flexUSD, being the world’s first interest-earning stablecoin, as well as the most-capital efficient automated market maker in the world.

Moreover, CoinFLEX being supported by large cryptocurrencies such as Dragonfly Capital, Roger Ver, Mike Komaransky, Polychain Capital, etc. can effectively utilize this flexUSD innovative product features.

No fee for maker order

When it comes to maker order fees, there is no maker order fee, unlike other crypto derivatives platforms which are commonly known as maker-taker fees and this, in turn, pays a rebate to almost all the “Maker” or passive orders that were not filled immediately.

In most cases, the maker order fee is usually 2.5 basis points of the original value of the trade.

On the other hand, CoinFLEX is unique and they have about three different basis points while making or taking liquidity.

Fully transparent

CoinFLEX is quite transparent and their FLEXDAO statistics are fully transparent. Also, it is available for everyone to view at any moment.

The transparency here means that both the potential and existing FLEX holders can easily gain valuable insights just by referencing FLEXDAO and also they can view the percentage of the FLEX supply even when it is locked up for people to stake it.

Moreover, even non-registered users can also view the various statistics on the CoinFLEX exchange platform, and also they can access other public files on the platform.

Complete mobile APP

CoinFLEX mobile app renders the best user interface of this platform to its users.

If you are a fan of CoinFLEX, we recommend that you download their mobile app to be able to view all the trading statistics in real-time without facing browser lags.

CoinFLEX mobile app is quite secured more than its browser version, in the sense that you may download a browser that collects user data when perusing with it, or your friend can use the same browser you used to log in to your CoinFLEX account to access some information online, thereby exposing some of your personal information.

CoinFLEX mobile app is quite responsive, fast, reliable, and easy to use.

How to sign up on CoinFLEX

Have you heard more about CoinFLEX and you are interested in creating an account with the platform now, then follow the detailed guide below to create and verify your CoinFLEX account.

Upon successful account creation, you will be able to harness all the features that are designed for the users of CoinFLEX right from your dashboard.

How to Sign up for a CoinFLEX Account on Web [PC]

  • Visit and click “Register”
  • • Right from the registration page, you are required to sign up using your email address or MetaMask as the case may be.
  • • Fill up information and follow instructions   
  • • When registering with your email address:
    • – Enter your preferred email address and add a password that will be hard to guess by hackers
    • – Tick the box if you have read and agreed to CoinFLEX Terms of Service.
    • – Next, click “Register”.
  • • After this, a verification email will be sent to your email address. Now type in the verification code and click the “Submit” button.
  • • At this stage, you have successfully created your CoinFLEX account without much hassle.

How to verify the CoinFLEX account

To verify your CoinFLEX after successful account creation, follow the steps below:

  • • Log in to your CoinFLEX account and select KYC from the user center dropdown. From the dropdown menu, you will be able to see an email address that you are going to contact to get the process started.
  • • You should know that KYC1 is the default verification. If you intend to upgrade to KYC2, you will need to provide some of your personal information such as government issued identity cards, etc. which a human will review and give you feedback within a few minutes after uploading it.
  • • Moreover, if you wish to upgrade to KYC3, you will need some specific materials which you will email to 

How to deposit on coinFLEX

  • • Log in to your account 
  • • Upon successful login, select the “Deposit” tab under “Wallet”
  • • Choose an asset to deposit and follow instructions 
  • • If you want to deposit crypto, follow the steps below.
  • • Select the coin you wish to deposit. You can achieve this by selecting a drop-down list and then choosing your favorite coin.
  • • By default, the box normally displays USD, which is a USDC token. Next, copy the deposit address and paste it into the platform which you want to withdraw from. You can also scan the QR code to complete the deposit.

How to Deposit XRP in CoinFLEX

Users can also deposit Ripple (XRP) into their CoinFLEX account.

Ripple (XRP) Memo has a 6-10 digit identification tag which is also known as a Destination tag. This is used in the XRP network to send XRP to a specific account within an exchange platform.

In the same way, CoinFLEX can follow the principles to deposit XRP into their CoinFLEX account.

Fees on CoinFLEX

The good news here is that CoinFLEX does not have any fees; both on deposit and withdrawal.

Furthermore, withdrawals of BCH, FLEX, flexUSD as well as DOT are quite free for every user.

All the fees that users are meant to pay are covered by the CoinFLEX exchange platform.

Moreover, a withdrawal fee that is equivalent to the current network fee is charged on cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, USDT, USDC, and other cryptocurrencies that support ERC20 tokens.

To see more details on the current network fee when making a withdrawal on CoinFLEX, click here.


CoinFLEX being a new exchange has some advanced features which make it quite different from other cryptocurrency exchange platforms.

Moreover, CoinFLEX has both spot and margin trading which attracts both investors and traders to this platform, to achieve a common goal.

Also, CoinFLEX is a multifunctional platform that combines both the mechanics of a universal crypto wallet and an adaptive investment portfolio to give its users the best trading experience.

Furthermore, CoinFLEX has advanced options which help users to earn passive income while using this exchange platform.

Some features that are made different from other cryptocurrency exchange platforms include FlexUSD innovative product, fully transparent, complete mobile app, etc.

The FlexUSD innovative product serves as an innovative solution that helps to bring both investors and crypto markets together through its intuitive yield products.

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Written by:  Narender Charan

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