Binance Top 10 Futures Trading Millionaires

Binance is the biggest crypto exchange in the world with its trading volume hitting the ceiling in this bull run. The exchange allows users to trade over 150 crypto assets and various fiat combinations across the countries.

Founded by Changpeng Zhao, Binance was initially set up in China but later moved out of China due to the increasing Chinese regulation of cryptocurrency. Recently, the exchange has also launched its blockchain network – Binance Smart Chain. It’s a fork of Ethereum blockchain but offering a more scalable solution with high throughput and less transaction fee. Unlike Ethereum, it’s not completely decentralized and is being run by Binance’s own group of validators.

Besides spot trading, Binance also allows users to make big returns with Futures trading and using leveraged positions. Basically, users can open their trade position using up to 100x margin and make 100x returns. 

So today, we’ll be looking at the Binance Future Leaderboard of top 10 Futures trading winners. Let’s have a look at these crypto millionaires.

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1. BlackSoftCow

BlackSoftCow is currently enjoying the first place in the leaderboard with a daily profit of over $15,000 US Dollars and a monthly profit of over $500,000 US Dollars. Talking about the ROI (Return on Investment), the given trader is making over 19% of monthly ROI over his assets.

When it comes to all-time profit, BlackSoftCow has made over $4.6 million dollars so far. That’s a whole lot of money made by just trading crypto Futures at the comfort of your home on Binance.

2. CoffeeCoverAirport

With the second place in the leaderboard, CofferCoverAirport has made over $300,000 US Dollars so far with an all-time ROI of 112,621%. That means the given trader has made at least 1000x of his initial investment— which has been quite the catch for investors. 

3. ChurchHappyTrip

Enjoying the third place on the leaderboard, ChurchHappyTrip with quite an unusual name has made approx $ 338,922.79 in his all-time profits with an all-time ROI of 104,491.45%.

Talking about ChurchHappyTrip’s daily performance, the trader has a daily, weekly, and monthly ROI of 1.2517%, 115.0249%, and 113.2025% respectively. Similarly his PnL analysis for daily, weekly, and on monthly basis stands at $1,018.21, $43,516.00, and $93,571.37 USD respectively.

4. MindDayCount

Coming on to the trader on ranke 4th on the leaderboard, MindDayCount enjoys a whopping amount of $ 183,303.04 US Dollars as his all-time profit with an ROI of 95,746.25%. 

Heading to his daily, weekly, and monthly performance, MindDayCount has a daily, weekly, and monthly ROI of 3.4585%, 135.8121%, and 62.0599% respectively. Similarly his PnL analysis for daily, weekly, and on monthly basis stands at $669.81, $11,154.13, and $26,027.58 USD respectively.

Now that we’ve look at the top 4 performers on the leaderboard, let’s have a brief look at the remaining rankers in the top 10 leaderboard:

Leaderboard RankTraderAll-Time PnLAll-Time ROI
5thTouchBeachChristmas$ 109,264.7890,638.70%
6thWeekTidyWhere$ 164,817.6083,362.04%
7thTradingCompany$ 763,581.7873,635.94%
8thBookMilkMind$ 318,990.1369,016.64%
9thTerribleAirplaneGrass$ 1,383,340.0366,126.32%
10thAlekc41$ 323,068.2659,431.85%

Final Say 

If you’re in near-term bullish on bitcoin or any of the above crypto assets, applying leverage tokens could make a spectacular choice. A near-term trend-following trade could be a bit exciting for those with a high-risk tolerance. 

If you’re the type to predict price in a good way, you’ll generally make good money by trading leveraged tokens. Leveraged trading offers various viable alternatives for increasing gains, gaining stable market momentum, and placing less trading capital at risk. 

While leverage tokens are good for short-term trading, they could also be a disaster when markets whipsaw or vary. So, it’s always advisable to only trade with the money you can afford to lose. Put further; leverage tokens performance could also fluctuate from their underlying assets’ actual performance over a long period due to their compounding effect. 

If you want to follow this leader board in real time, first sign up to Binance Futures through this: ref link. Once you sign up, check out the leaderboard menu on the top. 

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Written by:  Narender Charan

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