Top 10 YouTube Crypto Channels

Whether you are just getting started in the world of cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin or have some time gaining in this volatile market, these are the YouTube channels that we consider to be the best. We consider them a must-see for you to learn everything about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

This list is not ranked from best to worst or vice versa, as all 10 channels offer high-quality content, so we invite our readers to see each one and decide which one best suit your needs.

1. DataDash (335k Subscribers)

DataDash is hosted by YouTuber Nicholas Merten and is one of the biggest references in the world of cryptocurrencies. Initially thinking about creating a channel about data analytics, Nicholas changed the focus to cryptocurrencies when realizing the growing demand for the theme. So not only you will be able to learn how to trade cryptocurrencies but also how to use a range of other financial instruments.

Nicholas highlights some projects on his YouTube channel that he likes to cover for the possibilities they bring to society. Among them is MimbleWimble, a technology that guarantees the anonymity of transactions on the Beam and Grin network, being perfect for places with authoritarian regimes.

He posts 4 to 5 new videos weekly and average views on each video are about 15k to 30k.

2. Ivan on tech (220k Subscribers):

Ivan on Tech is an international speaker, blockchain educator, data scientist, software developer and blockchain consultant who uses his YouTube channel to spread his knowledge of blockchain to his followers.

On his YouTube channel, you can find guides, tutorials, live talks, and interviews with personalities in the world of cryptocurrencies such as Andreas Antonopoulos, Dan Larimer, and Richard Heart. From his website, Ivan offers a course that says:

 “Ivan on Tech Academy is educating banks, governments, financial institutions and industrial executives about blockchain, its applications, and cryptocurrencies.”

Ivan is perhaps one of the most active personalities on YouTube and started recently his `Good morning crypto` series where he live-streams his videos and talks about recent news events.

Usually, he posts daily 1 new video and average views on each video are about 20k to 25k.

3. Altcoin Buzz (202k Subscribers):

Altcoin Buzz is one of the few channels run by a team, nine people now run the channel after it was founded by Jeffery Crooks in 2016.
This channel delivers the latest news and happenings in the world of crypto, blockchain technology, digital assets, and blockchain gaming. Altcoin Buzz will sometimes include information on industry politics and other related topics outside the digital currency market.

They post about 2 new videos daily and average views on each video are about 2k to 5k.

4. Altcoin Daily (168k Subscribers):

Altcoin Daily is one of the YouTuber’s favorite cryptocurrency channels. Two brothers run this channel and they bring you daily videos on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. You can follow this channel for daily news, opinions, and perspective around cryptocurrencies. By creating an incredible source of cryptocurrency content, this channel is built for everyone whether you are a blockchain beginner or expert.

They post 1 new video daily and average views on each video are about 25k to 60k.

5. Crypto Daily (146k Subscribers):

If you love sarcasm, this channel is the best ally. The channel was created and is run by its host, Cameron. He is the funny guy who brings a twist to crypto news. He also brings time-stamps to all his videos so you can easily skip to what interests you. Also, you will get to see crypto music videos on this channel.

Cameron releases 4 new videos in a month and its average views on each video are 20k to 45k.

6. Sunny Decree (117k Subscribers):

If you want to see crypto stuff with entertainment, Sunny Decree is worth adding to your favorite list.  His focus is on coin analytics but without being boring. The videos have an entertaining edge to both the tech and the business side of blockchain projects. With more than 117k subscribers, Sunny Decree gives well-thought-out advice, actionable methodology, and clear insights into various projects and trends.

This channel releases daily 1 video and its average views on each video are 20k to 35k.

7. Crypto Zombie (102k Subscribers):

This is a useful channel for cryptocurrency enthusiasts. This channel discusses crypto mainly Bitcoin and Ethereum, but also many other altcoins. They cover news related to blockchain technology, coin reviews, and ICOs.

Also, you will find trending topics and general discussion of crypto and the future of digital assets. This channel is popular for its regular content and trending analysis in the Bitcoin market.

Crypto Zombie releases daily 1 new video and average views on each video are 20k to 45k.

8. Chico Crypto (94k Subscribers):

Hosted by YouTuber Tyler Swope, Chico Crypto is ideal for a more pessimistic look at the cryptocurrency world. Swope, who refers to himself as a die-hard crypto investor, investigates and digs down into the details of various projects. He is particularly good at highlighting potentially risky scenarios that may arise in the industry and provides advice on his top picks for investing.

You will see daily 1 new video on this channel and each video has 20k to 40k views.

9. Davincij15 (70.6k Subscribers):

Davincij15 is a well-known trader and investor. He is prospecting in crypto as well as the metal sector. In 2011, this influencer came in the news because of his viral video. In that video, he explained the advantages and value proposition of Bitcoin to e-money and store value. Also, he outlined the remarkable growth when BTC will be improved in the short future.

He releases daily 1 new video and average views of each video are 8k to 12k.

10. MMcrypto (51k Subscribers):

If you have been following Crypto-related videos on YouTube, there is a high chance that you have come to know about MMcrypto’s channel.

If you want to learn everything about Crypto, Bitcoin, ICO Investing and Evaluation, you should subscribe to this channel. Also, they cover Blockchain related topics.

As a popular cryptocurrency analyst and co-founder of MMcrypto, Chris Jasczynski explains on this channel how you should analyze charts to trade crypto.

This channel releases daily 1 new video and each video has about 15k to 35k views.

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