Top 10 Publicly Traded Companies Buying Bitcoin

As the cryptocurrency world continues to gain more popularity, more companies and investors keep getting into the crypto space. Today Bitcoin’s market cap has risen above $300 billion, with innovations springing up daily in the cryptocurrency world.

In this article, we will be looking at the top 10 publicly traded companies buying bitcoin. We’ll be going through their total bitcoin investment, how much bitcoin they are currently holding, and their total market cap.

Let’s get started. 

MicroStrategy Inc.

MicroStrategy – one of the top publicly traded companies, was founded in 1989. Lately, the company has been making headlines on the news regarding bitcoin investment. MicroStrategy inc. is one of the top companies known for its technological innovations in mobile software, business intelligence, and cloud-based services. They develop software that makes human labor very easy for business. 

In August earlier this year, the company invested $250 million in bitcoin with an additional $175 million invested in September 2020. Making it, the frontrunner in the list of the top publicly traded companies. As of today, the company has a total of 40,824 BTC valued at $744,221,520. The company is listed in Nasdaq (NASDAQ: MSTR) and has a market cap of $2,682,329,798.


The company recently raised another $650 million through convertible senior notes and plans to invest this money in buying more Bitcoins. 

Galaxy Digital Holding

The Galaxy Digital Holdings was founded in 2018 in partnership with Galaxy Digital. The company operations focus on Asset Management, Advisory Services, Principal Investments, and trading. The company is currently listed on the Toronto Security Exchange (TSX: GLXY). 

So far, the company has invested $134 million in Bitcoin as of June 2020. The company currently has 16,651 BTC in stock, which is valued at $303,547,730 (according to today’s value). The company has a market cap of $500,935,039, out of which over 61% is held in Bitcoin. According to the company’s CEO, Bitcoin might see a significant rise in future prices after attracting investors’ overwhelming global support. 

Square Inc. 

The company was founded in February 2009 by Jack Dorsey (the CEO of Twitter) and Jim McKelvey. The company is a financial payment company that focuses on mobile payment solutions (Cash App). 

According to data by Bitcoin Treasuries, the company has 4,709 BTC with a total value of $85,845,070 (today’s worth). The company currently has a market cap of $96,054,045,290. The company is listed on NASDAQ: SQ. 

Outside of providing financial services, the company also develops hardware and software payment solutions for companies. The company believes that bitcoin and cryptocurrency will revolutionize the financial system in the future. 

Hut 8 Mining Corp

The Canadian company was founded with the main focus on bitcoin mining and blockchain infrastructure. 

So far, the company has invested $53,851,420 (according to today’s value), having invested $36 million in the second quarter of 2020. However, it is obvious for Bitcoin mining company to invest in the cryptocurrency since the company’s primary focus is on the digital currency. 

The Canadian based company currently has a market cap of $151,869,245 and is listed on the Toronto stock exchange as TSX: Hut-8. The company is one of the major publicly trading companies buying bitcoin today.  

Voyager Digital LTD

It is another leading publicly trading company based in Canada. The crypto asset broker company, which works with both the retail and institutional brokers, offers consultancy, advisory and custodial services in over 50 plus cryptocurrencies. 

The company has 1,239 BTC in stock, which is valued at $22,586,970 (according to today’s value) is listed on the Canadian stock exchange as CSF: VYGR. The company made headlines in March when they invested $8million in bitcoin in march 2020 while offering brokerage services to people. The company has a market cap of $301,226,638. 

According to the company, bitcoin and cryptocurrency have the potential of revolutionizing the world. This was confirmed further when the company bought one of France’s top cryptocurrency exchange LGO markets in order to have more access to major buyers in the crypto world. 

Riot Blockchain inc. 

The company is a popular firm known for its support for newer blockchain technology companies. It was founded in 2000 and had so far invested heavily in Bitcoin. The company focuses on the trading of cryptocurrencies and the buying of blockchain businesses. However, the company has shown a commitment to the only bitcoin so far. The USA based company is listed on Nasdaq (NASDAQ: RIOT). 

The company was in the news in June when they invested $7million in bitcoin. However, the company is not only focused on cryptocurrency, but it also deals in bitcoin mining and has so far spent over $17.7 million in buying 8,000 Bitmain S19 Pro Antminers from Bitmain. Currently, the company has 1,175 BTC, which is worth $21,420,250 (according to today’s value) and has a market cap of $666,521,092.

Bit Digital Inc 

Bit Digital Inc is one of the top ten publicly traded companies dealing with bitcoin. The company, founded this year, 2020, came to the limelight in September when they invested $10million in cryptocurrency. So far, the company has been involved in lots of Bitcoin businesses.

The USA-based company, which has its services set up in different parts of China, deals on bitcoin mining and car rental services in the USA. They are listed on the Nasdaq ( NASDAQ: BTBT). 

The company currently has 949.5 BTC, which is worth $17,309,567 (according to today’s value), and has a market cap of $255,639,145. 

Coin Citadel Inc

Coin Citadel Inc is a fintech company founded in 1986. The company’s primary focus is on offering solutions to banks and other wall street financial firms looking to expand their services in the IT and blockchain sectors. The company, which is seen as being old, has revolutionized within the past few years – from assisting in paper money to incorporating decentralized digital ledger. 

However, outside of offering financial services, the company also provides data center solutions at a cheaper rate. The company is currently listed on the USA stock exchange as OTCMKTS: CCTL. 

The company currently has 513.0 BTC in stock, which is worth $9,351,990(according to today’s value). 

Advanced Bitcoin Technology

Advanced Bitcoin Technology is a leading German company founded in 2019 with a focus on connecting the world of fiat and cryptocurrency to customers as well as business entities. This, according to the company, is to have a safe and secure transaction. The company also builds specialized blockchain products for the purpose of providing solutions to technological problems. 

The company listed on the German stock exchange (ABT: GR) invested $2million in bitcoin in the first quarter of 2018. According to the firm, the investment is in line with their goal of connecting people globally with a safe and secure means of transacting in fiat and cryptocurrency.

So far, the company has 253.8 BTC in stock, which is worth over $4,627,576 (that is according to today’s value). 


It is the last on our list of the top ten publicly traded companies buying bitcoin. The Australian based company, which was launched in 2013, focuses on providing innovative fintech software consultancy solutions for mobile bill payments and remittance space. 

The company, which invested $870,000 in bitcoin in the last quarter of 2019, leverages blockchain and decentralized ledger systems to build its software. The company has been covered by some popular news websites like Forbes, Sky News, etc. It is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX: DCC). 

The company currently has 215.0 BTC, which is worth $3,919,450 9 (according to today’s value) and has a total market value of $50,775,112. The company believes that bitcoin and blockchain have the capacity of rising in the future.

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Written by:  Narender Charan

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