Top 10 projects invested by Binance Labs that are not listed on Binance

Binance Labs are one wing of Binance with a platform to support blockchain projects. Binance Labs ensures the coverage of start-ups from their early stages to later stages. With support from Binance, the initiative happens to be one of the most viable in the industry

Additionally, Binance Labs offers quite an amount of value to its adjunct companies. The projects embarked on getting support and insights from Binance’s liquidity, a vast ecosystem to get legal advice and guides. They also enjoy Binance vast connections and resources in the space. 

Binance Labs has quite a number of impressive portfolios which is worth 140+ projects with an AUM summing up to about $12 billion and a MOIC of 55x. This has been happening since 2018. When it comes to legacies on investment, there are names that are worth a billion dollars and they include: FTX, Axie Infinity, Terra, Dune Analytics, and so on.

Numbers Protocol

NUM is the original token for the Numbers protocol and it has a market cap of $32.8M users and operators are helped to initiate and verify content that is of great value. Numbers protocol aims to formulate a system where photos that include images and videos are given prior importance with the usage of proofs and integrity records which helps to ascertain that they are legitimate and credible. 

Interestingly, network operators and other participants involved get some form of compensation for putting in measures to ensure registered photos are credible and legitimate.  Another feature of the Numbers protocol is that its tokens can be utilized to initiate payment for services listed in the network. Furthermore, it aims to create an open to all data system. As part of their achievements, the team has initiated a fully open-source application that enables operators to trace data as this also makes individuals monetize personal data. 

In collaboration with Stanford University, and IBM on the starling project, Numbers since 2019 have tried to establish both the data traceability and verification systems for preloading the applications on Exodus which is a blockchain-powered smartphone developed by HTC.


Beneficial interaction Finance is one of Binance’s decentralized multi-chain liquidity conventions with a market cap of $22.6M. It gives clients the stage to play out any crypto token trades across different blockchains with a solitary snap. At this point, the convention uses 4 principle networks which are BNB Chain, Ethereum, Polygon, and Avalanche.

Beneficial interaction Finance anticipates fostering the Symbiosis v.2 conventions which will incorporate sidechain, 

Beneficial interaction Finance anticipates fostering the Symbiosis v.2 conventions which will incorporate sidechain, cross-chain cultivating, shrewd request steering and bound together AMM pools.

Cere Network

Cere Network is a blockchain environment stage started for coordinating assistance information. For Cere, its answers are placed center around the end beneficiaries in the blockchain network. Besides, Cere has cross-chain similarities with networks like Binance Smart Chain, Polkadot, Cosmos, Ethereum, and others.

The whole Cere network is managed by the Cere Token, local cash that additionally fills in as a method for notoriety marking and monetary repayments that clients can utilize for their exercises inside the organization. Cere is roused by Polkadot which is a cutting-edge dispersed network that involves a lot of particular and interconnected layers.

Putting resources into Cere Network can appear to be confounding, however, it is a lot simpler when you purchase Cere Network through digital currency trade. Pursuing a digital currency trade will permit you to purchase, sell, and hold Cere Network – both for fiat money and other cryptocurrencies. 

Star sharks

Star Sharks plays a pivotal role in expanding the gaming sector in the BSC in the network. Its first game, the Star sharks warriors is listed on the BSC chain and set to be premiered in November as an NFT-3D mobile game that enables users to own, trade, and compete with their pet sharks for some profits. 

Star Sharks happens to be a community-driven shark metaverse where players, developers, and investors mate and trade shark NFTs within the ecosystem. It is a blockchain game start-up set up by a team of developers in Timi Studio Group with a vast entrepreneurial track record of developing games that attract an average of 1 million daily active users within months

Nine chronicles 

With a market cap of $18.5M, Nine Chronicles boasts to be the first open-source, decentralized role-playing game powered by the Lib planet engine.  The planetarium is the name of the team developing the nine chronicles and it is a blockchain company championing the ecosystem for community-powered online games. This technology assists developers with effective tools to initiate fully decentralized games that could be sustained on networks powered by the players.

Dora Factory

Dora manufacturing plant has a market cap of $18.3M. It additionally has a programmable, multi-chain DAO-as-a-Service open foundation on Substrate. Critical plans like quadratic democratic, holding bend raising money, and on-chain administration can possibly exist on these frameworks as beds by the engineers, with remunerations in the SaaS model when they are sent by the DAOs on Dora Factory.

Hackerlink fostered the main group of key beds on the Dora Hacks blockchain designer stage. There are a large group of blockchain-upheld devices like quadratic subsidizing, abundance, BUIDL, and online hackathons to additional guide blockchain open-source development

Melos Studio

Melos studio is an innovative Web 3.0 Music NFT Platform that utilizes blockchain technology to initiate a music application in Web 3.0. Melos Studio utilizes the NFT technology to appropriately give full play to the value of every musical notation. It also employs DAO governance which enables creators to derive inspiration and ideas through NFT DNA Tree and collaborations irrespective of the location and time.

Mint club

Mint Club is a shrewd token-building stage that has compelling reasons to code and gives moment liquidity. Anybody can send off a shrewd token with a couple of snaps.

The club stage gives:

• No code BEP20 token creation

• Quickly tradeable without giving liquidity pools (controlled by the cost holding bend and MINT security contract)

• Consistent UX for clients.

BBS Network

BBS Network is a social project that empowers content sharing to remunerate makers, caretakers, and different partners with its own local token. The income produced by the stage is shared across all BBS environment members in a completely robotized, straightforward, and market-driven way. Each post on BBS will be printed into an NFT for better worth exchange, and BBS will likewise use an NFT Bidding Model.  It should be noted that Crypto derivatives exchange ACDX was the one that changed to BBS through a rebranding process. Same as the exchange’s peculiar offering, the new name, BBS, also known as Bull Bear Strike Token, is the world’s first crypto structured and institutionalized product. The new image reflects the commitment of the exchange to rebranding and technological advancements.

Bird money

Worked for engineers by designers Bird has planned an environment to benefit from chain and off-chain information streams into state-of-the-art AI models. Making our examination items open by means of decentralized prophets permits anybody to make dApps that are genuinely redone for every individual client. Bird has planned a biological system to benefit from the chain and off-chain information streams into state-of-the-art AI models. Making our investigation items open through decentralized channels permits anybody to make dApps that are really modified for every individual client. 


Binance Labs is an accelerator that takes an initiative to incubate, invest and empower blockchain and cryptocurrency entrepreneurs and communities. Binance Labs in its portfolio has above $200 billion. Moreso, with the invention of Web 3.0, Binance Labs as of now pushes to raise the amount of $500m alongside some external LPs. Furthermore, When these features are fully active in the binanace ecosystem, it gives the whole sector a more credible outlook.

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Written by:  Narender Charan


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