Top 10 Cryptocurrency Influencers

For those who want to invest in the cryptocurrency world, information is a precious commodity. Price forecasts, scenario analysis, international news – All these must be taken into account when buying, selling, or exchanging crypto. For this reason, it is essential to follow crypto influencers on social media, it can be extremely beneficial.

In general, crypto influencers are entirely dedicated to the crypto field. For this reason, they usually have a very deep knowledge of the field. Following them is an excellent way to listen to the opinions of the experts, as well as to be aware of the news of the crypto world.

Here is a list of some of the influencers who talk on their social networks about digital currencies and Blockchain technology.

1. Jack Dorsey:

Jack Dorsey, CEO, and founder of Twitter has become one of the controversial figures in Silicon Valley with his different positions on various topics ranging from running his company to his strange eating habits.

Jack Dorsey was one of the first investors in Lightning Labs in 2018, a startup focusing on layered scaling solutions for Bitcoin. He believes that Bitcoin will be the world’s sole currency within 10 years. He is active on Twitter (@Jack) and he has more than 4.4 million followers.

2. John McAfee:

John David McAfee is a well-known figure on the Internet. Still, in the 90s, he created one of the world’s leading antivirus: McAfee Antivirus.

With his keen interest in cybersecurity, he was one of the Bitcoin enthusiasts in his early years. Furthermore, he has invested in various projects related to crypto development. Therefore, he is one of the main investors.

McAfee currently says he will run for the presidency of the United States in 2020. With that, he has been posting less about crypto. But occasionally, it gives us strong opinions on cryptocurrency.

You can follow him on Twitter: @officialmcafee. He has currently 1 M followers.

3. Vitalik Buterin: 

Buterin is the founder of the Ethereum network and currently serves as one of the main programmers driving the development of the platform.

The developer is one of the most recognized people within this ecosystem and is characterized by being very open when it comes to issuing public statements. 

Recently in a series of messages through his Twitter account, Buterin donated a total of $ 300,000 to 3 companies that develop products and services for the Ethereum network.

He is active on Twitter @VitalikButerin with 894 K followers.

4. Andreas Antonopoulos:

Antonopoulos is one of the presenters of the “Let’s Talk Bitcoin” podcast and is known worldwide for being a great knowledgeable speaker on Bitcoin and Blockchain technology, as well as being the author of the book “Mastering Bitcoin”.

But what makes him a person who enjoys the respect and admiration of the community is his ability to easily and friendly transmit information about digital currencies and Blockchain to all kinds of audiences, becoming an international benchmark when speaking on these issues.

He is active on Twitter and his Twitter handle is @aantonop. Currently he has 508 K followers. 

5. Changpeng Zhao:

Changpeng Zhao is the CEO of Binance and also one of the well-known influencers. He is popular as ‘CZ’. This Chinese-Canadian programmer worked in the traditional financial market before embracing crypto. Before founding his exchange, he had experience in another great company in the sector: Blockchain.

On his Twitter handle, which has over 430,000 followers, Changpeng Zhao presents numerous updates and technological trends from the crypto world.

His Twitter handle is @cz_binance with 495 K followers.

6. Brian Armstrong:

Brian Armstrong is a software engineer, consultant, risk manager, and speaker at various conferences. Brian Armstrong’s Bitcoin career began in 2012 when he became co-founder and CEO of Coinbase, one of the largest and most popular cryptocurrency trading platforms that have been valued at more than $ 1.6 billion.

In 2017, he was included in Fortune magazine in the ranking of the 40 most influential businessmen under 40, as he is considered a kind of star in the Bitcoin community. His Twitter handle is @brian_armstrong and he has 325 K followers.

7. Antony Pompliano:

Anthony Pompliano is an American entrepreneur and renowned investor. He is a founder of Morgan Creek Digital Assets, an Early-stage venture capital fund and also served as a growth leader in companies such as Facebook and Snapchat.

As a Bitcoiner he has been educating people in recent years about Bitcoin and decentralized finance, comparing its advantages over other traditional assets like Equity, Oil and Gold assets.

Good things wait, says a popular saying. And Bitcoin is no exception. For Pompliano in his analysis, the perspective of the cryptocurrency is similar to Gold with some key differences.

Follow him on Twitter – @APompliano with 318 K followers.

8. Nick Szabo:

Szabo is a renowned developer and computer scientist working on the development of concepts associated with smart contracts and technology. He is involved in the crypto sector since the 90s.

He is also pioneering among other ideas, the notion of “Smart Contracts” as well as designing BitGold. At the Israel Bitcoin Summit in 2019, he had suggested that central banks around the globe could turn to Bitcoin to secure their reserves and prove solvency in a trust-minimized fashion.

You can follow him on Twitter to get the latest news and updates of crypto – His Twitter handle is @NickSzabo4. He has currently 244 K followers.

9. Winklevoss Twins:

Graduates of Harvard University and former Olympians, twins Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss became known as the world’s first Bitcoin billionaires and in 2019 their fortune continues to grow. After having obtained a million-dollar figure by winning the lawsuit against Facebook, they invested said money in Bitcoin and now they have multiplied this fortune in million-dollar amounts.

They are considered as one of the main promoters and influencers of cryptocurrencies. In addition, they were the founders of the Gemini cryptocurrency exchange in 2015. They continue to be in the limelight with this topic and they will surely continue to cause a stir on social networks. You can follow them on Instagram as @tylerwinklevoss, @gemini and @winklevosscap. Also, they are active on Twitter @winklevoss with 169 K followers.

10. Jihan Wu:

Jihan Wu is the Bitcoin billionaire and former Bitmain CEO. He is one of the most important men in the crypto world. Jihan Wu is a young man, he is only 32 years old and most likely he is going to be a force in the crypto space for some time.

His next project, called the Matrix, will be a custody and trading company with important ties to Bitmain, one of the largest crypto mining conglomerates in the world.

The Matrix’s OTC offering is likely to be driven by its close ties to Bitcoin (BTC) mining company Bitmain. The new business will reportedly offer custody and loan services to the Beijing-based giant, receiving in return “a liquid pool”.

Follow him on Twitter @JihanWu with 109 K followers.

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