Top 10 Blockchain Games by Number of Users

Blockchain games are not just fantastic alone, but it’s gradually changing the world by setting a new standard for gamers and also releasing more opportunities for game lovers to earn more income.

One of the amazing features of blockchain games is their token economics. This feature allows gamers (players) to earn tokens in the form of rewards when they complete certain goals in the game or probably for participating in in-game ecosystem governance (DAO).

Meanwhile, a blockchain game is a game that is created using blockchain technology. The majority of blockchain games are hosted within the blockchain platform.

Here the copies of each blockchain game are not owned by an individual but by a whole lot of systems that are handling the game.

Moreover, blockchain games require smart contracts, being the digital contracts that oversight the majority of operations that are performed on the blockchain.

Some of the pros of blockchain games are that tokens can be used to buy, sell, or create digital assets, security and transparency provided by a blockchain, their games are of high quality and very entertaining, etc.

We have culled the top 10 blockchain games by several users from DappRadar, which has the best performance in a month at the time of writing.

Top 10 Blockchain Games by Number of Users

Below are the top 10 Blockchain Games by Number of Users:

#1. Alien World 

Alien Worlds is another fast-growing fighting blockchain game that enables users to mine and earn tokens while playing the game.

Alien Worlds allows its players to participate in DAO governance in the DeFi meta-universe and also you can buy and own land in the game. You can as well collect rent while playing Alien Worlds.

From DappRadar ranking for blockchain games according to the number of users, Alien Worlds ranks #2 from our 30 days list sort.

Alien Worlds is a Smart Chain blockchain that was built on the Ethereum, WAX, and Binance platforms.

Over time, it has spread to over seven planets and its concept consists of over 5 competing DAOs.

#2. Splinterlands 

Splinterlands is one of the best blockchain-based card games. By the number of users, it is ranked #4 according to statistics from DappRadar for the list of blockchain games according to the number of users.

As a player, Splinterlands allows you to buy and sell cards on the market, and also you can open booster packs to play your favorite games.

There are assorted third-party card markets that are available for players in the Splinterlands game. These third-party card markets act as game dealers and they made various kickbacks available inside the game.

The most interesting thing about the Splinterlands game is that it is quite simple and every player can utilize the features of this game while enjoying the game scene.

#3. Upland

Upland is another interesting paly-to-earn blockchain game with a good number of users. It allows its players to have a taste of the virtual real estate market even when they are being entertained in the game.

Upland is one of the leading blockchain metaverse games that was designed to recreate the world by giving room to players and businesses to play and earn real value.

Upland allows its users to own land that they can build on. As a player, your acquired properties can be sold for USD through a partnership with Tilia.

Upland users can benefit from three core things which are play, earn, and connect while playing the game because the developers of Upland focus the game on these three things.

#4. MOBOX: NFT Farmer

MOBOX which is last on our list is not the least but just that it has a lower number of users according to DappRadar ranking of blockchain games by several users.

MOBOX allows players to put tokens into liquidity, which is a pool of smart contracts that are used to lend out digital currency.

Moreover, MOBOX game players can get NFTs which can be used to play other current and future MOBOX games and also as MBOX DAO tokens.

MOBOX blockchain game relies on the BSC protocol.

#5. Pegaxy

Pegaxy is quite a unique play-to-earn NFT game as well as a racing simulator. Its ecosystem allows users (players) to enter any race of their choice for free.

The economic model in Pegaxy makes the game very competitive. Moreover, the reward for players is quite amazing.

In this blockchain game, players are set to compete against 11 other racers and the major goal is to be at least in the top three at the end of the race.

The racers that earn the top three at the end of the race earn a VIS token which is Pegaxy unity token.

For players to be among the top three, they need strategy, knowledge, and skill. When you are ready to play this game, get prepared and dedicate your time and you will earn a massive reward.

#6. Bomb Crypto

Bomb Crypto is one of the most classic play-to-earn blockchain games which allows players to buy bomber heroes and also participate in various exciting game modes that are available for players.

This game has three game modes of which one of which is Treasure Hunt. Treasure Hunt is an autoplay mode in the Bomb Crypto blockchain game that allows bomber heroes to plant their bombs when searching for Bcoin tokens as well as NFT items.

In Bomb Crypto Story Mode, adventure players fight monsters, thereby destroying them and earning valuable items from them.

Also, in PVP players are allowed to participate in matches with other players in which they can win and earn rewards or lose.

#7. Farmers World

Farmer World is quite an amazing blockchain game that is much like the real world. Farmer World uses the concept of Farmverse where farmers can navigate their way across all the continents of the world.

Moreover, they can play grow rice in the Asian plains, can raise cows in the fields of Europe, and also fish in the Amazon rivers.

Furthermore, they can navigate their way to other planets to explore the land, grow crops, and raise livestock.

Farmer World aims at creating a shimmering, colorful world and vast fields across different nations of the world.

Also, the Farmers World ecosystem tends to ill keep a secret until the last minute to create an interesting surprise.

#8. Sunflower Land

Sunflower Land is a metaverse game kisted in blockchain games that allow its players to farm, chop, and mine as well as an upgrade to farms.

When players harvest, gather, or craft items, they can easily own them in the Polygon Blockchain.

This feature allows users to collect resources, craft NFT and also sell these resources on various supported trading platforms for example OpenSea.

To start playing Sunflower Land, go to, connect your MetaMask wallet and if MetaMask is not available on Polygon, you can easily change it.

You can also buy and sell MATIC and store it in your wallet.

#9. DeFi Kingdoms

DeFi Kingdoms is quite an interesting game, a liquidity pool opportunity, a DEX, and a market of rare utility-driven NFTs, which is listed among the top blockchain games by several users.

In this game, players can invest and get good returns; also moon shots are quite amusing.

DeFi Kingdoms allows holders to hold monetary tokens as well as a token that is usable, and valuable and also gives back to holders in many amusing ways.

These games come with packaged DeFi elements which make the game enjoyable and also systematic.

DeFi Kingdoms provides JEWEL tokens to its holders with an engaging and meaningful experience.

#10. SecondLive

SecondLIve is another popular blockchain game that was designed from the scene that lots of individuals on earth have been victims of natural disasters, diseases, poverty, as well as drought and they are struggling for life.

SecondLIve targets to fulfill the need of almost every human body by bringing services to different regions in the aspect of food, health, shelter, education, etc.

It also helps people in need to obtain assistance from political and religious relations, no matter their age, gender, race, color, ethnicity, and health.

SecondLIve also helps to develop some strategies that help to reach some regions and also help them.


The ten blockchain games by the number of users that we elucidated in this guide were culled from DappRadar ranking for the last 30 days list sort.

Most of these blockchain games are play-to-earn games and they allow users to mine and earn tokens while playing the game.

Meanwhile, some of these blockchain games will give users access to create their games as well as applications even without knowing programming languages or by going through other blockchain protocols.

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Written by:  Narender Charan

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